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Hey guys

long time no see. As you know, i finished highschool last year and left for my big trip. ive been busy at university, but now have put some photos up. i will try to add more

Enjoy! Please comment!!!

Kinuta Park, Youga, Setagaya, Tokyo

Ashinoko & Fuji-san
Cliche i know... but it was fabulous weather!

Mountain near Hakone

Sunset over Tokyo from Fuji TV building (130m). Sorry for darkness - i am having trouble getting the correct colours & brightness...

Sun filtering down onto Ashinoko...

Thanks, i will post more soon hopefully

Please comment!

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It's snowy!

Pretty place Japan, I always loved visiting there. I hope you have some Shinkansen train pictures, and also some good Japanese urban pics, not just the picture postcard stuff.

Any good pictures of the crazy range of vending machines?
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