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More amazing is this old song by Kannadasan.

The use of the word 'kaai' is really amazing.

Kaai as a noun means unripe fruit.It is also used for vegetables' names. As a verb, it can mean unripe, shine, feel bitter, or scold.

Many of the words he employs in this song seem like vegetable or fruit names but in fact a different meaning. Simply amazing!

First line is "Athikkai kai kai"

Athikkai means fig fruit but the meaning here is 'in that direction' (A + thikku+ ai)
a- that
thikku - direction
ai - towards
kai - shine

Athikkai kai kai - Shine (rays) in that direction; shine on.

Similarly all the words ending in 'kai' are neither fruits nor vegetables but have a different meaning altogether.

I have always wanted to know about this song. Can you post the whole song, with explanations?
1101 - 1107 of 1107 Posts