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Songs about NYC

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I'm making a CD for my NYC trip (lame), so I need a basic list on songs about the city. I know there's thousands out there, but it would be nice if you could post some of your favorites.

If you could break them down my musical style, that would be greeaaat.

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NY, NY - that's my tune right there. :yes:

between the moon and new york city - christopher cross

new york minute - don henley

new york state of mind - billy joel

englishman in new york - sting

autumn in new york - dexter gordon (instrumental jazz)

broadway - george benson (jazz)

angel in harlem - U2
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Bleeker Street-by Simon & Garfunkel is a really good one that sets the mood right for everything between Midtown and Downtown :)
Hip Hop
The Game and Fat Joe - I'm from New York
Grandmaster Flash - New York New York
Wu Tang Clan - New York N***az
Old Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo
Slick Rick got an album called Slick Rick's Adventures in Manhattan (I think)
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Cool. I made my own playlist for this when I left NYC to move to Cali.

Here's a screenshot. It includes songs about NJ and a bunch of boroughs (except Staten Island. I don't know any song about Staten Island).
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An open Letter to NY -Beasty Boys --> is a must!
that song that that famous singer from the old sang!
Hey theres nothing better than having the feeling listening to the music from the city your in. You can just feel the music. One of the greatest gifts to the world from NYC to the world I believe is Alicia Keys, Get her song "lovin U" it gives you the vibe of NYC.
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