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Songs with a New York Feeling

ok.. im searching for Songs with that New York Feeling.. that make u miss New York..

like R.E.M - Leaving New York.
kEEP EM coming

i know The Topics kinda gay, lol

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hot town summer in the city by joe cocker. really reminds me of 1970s new york.

tits on the radio by the scissor sisters. (one of my favorites) is actually written about the seedy times square of the 80s with strip clubs and peep shows. i love the scissor sisters!

breakfast at tiffanys by deep blue something. very ny.

wake up its abeautiful morning by the boo radleys. new york in the morning when the city is just waking up and everyone is heading to their daily tasks.

these boots are made for walking by nancy sinatra (another of my favorites) reminds me of the high fashioned streets that are paved with famous stores.

other people may not agree with these but these are some of the ones that i think remind me of new york.
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