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After Gdansk photo tour I'd like to show you Sopot, all pics were taken in August 2004, I hope you'll like it

Where is Sopot?

Sopot is situated on the edge of the geographical area known as Pomerania, on the south-western shore of the Gdańsk Bay.
Sopot has a great geographical location - lying between the beautiful woods and 200 m Heights of the TriCity Landscape Park, and the numerous sand beaches of the Bay of Gdańsk.
It's also the central part of Northern Poland’s biggest aglomeration known as TriCity. The centre of Sopot is 11 kilometres from the centre of Gdańsk and 10 kilometres from the centre of Gdynia.

Lets start our tour from the Upper Sopot located almost inside the Landscape Park

Hotel Opera (by the famous Forest Opera)

link1 link2

Restaurant, Pub in Tatra's Mountain style

Some houses nearby

Now we are heading down the streets to the center of Sopot
We will walk down the main pedestrian street (Monte Casino) towards beaches

Post Office

Hotel Rezydent

Houses and Cafes along Monte Casino

Crooked House

Square at the bottom of Monte Casino

Grand Hotel - one of the biggest and oldest in TriCity


Klif in Gdynia - Orlowo

Chineese Hotel (Zhong Hua) in Southern Baths

Northern Baths

Molo - The longest wooden Pier in Europe


Old Casino

Aquapark - with a view on the sea

Podjazd Street - SKM ( TriCity Commuter Rail)

Grundwaldzka Street



I come in peace \V/
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thanx delfin - very nice, I am delighted to ce this pics, I went to Gdansk and was overwhelmed with beauty of the city, now I know I should have gone to Sopot to...

Very nice pics, thanx again....
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