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Sou Fujimoto just unveiled plans for a complex in Doha, Qatar that utilizes innovative cooling techniques to offer relief from the region's intense heat. The towers are made from modular building blocks with intricate arches, and they get gradually more transparent towards their peaks. Waterfalls of various sizes cascade through the structures, creating a unique interior environment while generating a cooling mist.

Sou Fujimoto‘s Outlook Tower is designed for a site at the end of a large avenue in Doha, Qatar. ”From afar, the volumes are perceived as a gateway connecting the Corniche Sea with the mainland while having an overall mirage-like appearance,” say the architects.

Fujimoto talked about the significance of the complex’ waterfalls: “By incorporating multiple waterfalls, instead of one large [waterfall], different mountains of water are created feeding the avenue,” said the architects. “There will be a wide range [of] waterfalls; smaller on the top to prevent any interference from the wind and larger towards the bottom to create evaporative cooling.”

The architect also developed a second proposal called Souk Mirage / Particles of Light that stacks structural arches on top of each other to create an undulating topology. The center incorporates retail, residential and office spaces, exhibition areas, a community centre, and a series of public courtyards and atriums surrounded by a green plaza.

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