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South Side Development News

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It appears that the original "da south side" thread has disappeared, in a rather mysterious fashion.

Whoever cloaked and kidnapped away that ill-fated thread shall forever elude me.

But until then, I hereby declare this the new South Side development thread. Any south side development topic that doesn't already belong in a specific thread shall go here.
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About time Hyde Park started showing more signs of life.
That is a cool looking Theatre building BTW.
Massive demolition for future medical buildings?

Is Ronald Reagan’s Chicago boyhood home doomed?
By KIM JANSSEN Staff Reporter Feb 6, 2011 05:04PM

Locked up, abandoned and forgotten, the vacant six-flat standing at the northeast corner of 57th and Maryland has no plaques or statues and few clues to its history.

...But sources inside and outside the university versed in its real estate policy say it is in private talks to demolish the home, and that the university has long considered buying up and razing the entire block and the block to the east as essential to hospital expansion. The $700 million, 10-story Hospital Pavilion, due to open in 2013, already looms over Reagan’s home across 57th Street.

Say goodbye to all of this, although some of it is already gone:
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Hyde Park is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city: the dynamic between the hospital, university, and neighborhood serve to make a truly vibrant community and neighborhood. However, that being said, if one of these groups acts too much in its own self-interest with little regard/concern for the others, then the community comes at risk, I feel. I'm a big fan of infill development and construction, but that block and building look truly "Chicago-esque" -- the character of the block is without question, it would be a loss.
All I can do is :eek:hno:. Being that its being discussed in private almost makes the demolition inevitable would it? or can a preservation group step forward and save it?

this type of stuff is what makes me sick of this city...
Ive walked around those blocks in question,
I was afraid that something like this would happen
to them.

Really Really dumb.
Why dont you knock down some eyesores
and then build something for the hospital
there? Is there nothing west of the
hospital that could be knocked down
and then have a catwalk going across
cottage grove?

Such few safe nice neigborhoods on the south
side and here U of C is going to knock down
a whole couple of nice blocks, Really Really Really

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Oakwood Shores

48 units, two floors of medical office space

76 units for seniors
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Is there nothing west of the hospital that could be knocked down and then have a catwalk going across cottage grove?
Washington Park is immediately west of Cottage Grove. The only area for UC to expand is into that isolated block.
More good news for Hyde Park

In addition to Five Guys for part of the retail portion, the actual theater building is going to reopen as a 5 screen cinema:

New five–screen movie theater coming to 53rd Street
February 24, 2011

The University of Chicago plans to bring The New 400 Theaters, an independent movie operator that will offer a mix of art, children’s and wide–release films, in the soon–to–be renovated buildings at 53rd Street and Harper Avenue.

Officials said the 10,149–square–foot theater plan includes five screens with state–of–the–art digital projection. One screening room will have tables placed between the seats for future lunch and dinner options.

The New 400 Theaters plans to discount tickets for students, seniors and children. General–admission seating will be below market prices, said theater officials.

“We believe students, faculty, staff and our neighbors will be very excited about having a new movie theater within walking distance,” said Kimberly Goff–Crews, Vice President for Campus Life. “As we talk to members of our community about how to enhance campus life, this is one of the ideas that comes up frequently.”

The agreement with The New 400 Theaters is part of a broader effort to revitalize the 53rd Street corridor as a focus of commercial, retail and entertainment activity.

Last month, the University unveiled plans to begin a major renovation of the commercial and theater buildings at 53rd Street and Harper Avenue, which are currently vacant. Five Guys restaurant, scheduled to open by year’s end, will be the first tenant. Additional tenants will be announced in the upcoming months. The University is also partnering with the City and community leaders to lead an ambitious redevelopment of the adjacent Harper Court property as a mixed–use complex.

“The theater, along with other strategic revitalization efforts, will bring added value to the area. It is one more piece of our ongoing conversations with the City and the neighborhood to build Hyde Park as a key destination on the South Side of Chicago,” said Susan Campbell, Associate Vice President of Civic Engagement.

...The movie theater has a targeted opening date of fall 2012.
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It's Hyde Park week on Curbed. Next up, the Studio Gang-designed Village Center redevelopment.

179 units, 110k sf retail, 400 parking spaces (now underground)

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Wow, some amazing proposals/developments going on in Hyde Park recently!!

I've always thought that corridor along 53rd & Harper had a ton of potential, and those photos make it look wonderful! I hope they follow through with the little things like the planter boxes, brick pavers, lamp posts -- it looks great!

And the West Hyde Park building looks awesome, too! Great combo of glass and what is that, granite or some kind of charred-steel(?), whatever it is, I like it!!
Wow, some amazing proposals/developments going on in Hyde Park recently!!
Yeah, Hyde Park is blowing up as of late.

Harper Court - Hartshorne Plunkard
Village Center - Studio Gang
Solstice on the Park - Studio Gang (still alive)
The Shoreland - Studio Gang
The Del Prado - Studio Gang
Logan Arts Center - Tod Williams + Billi Tsien
University of Chicago Medical Center - Rafael Vinoly
Mansueto Library - Helmut Jahn

Thats a whole lot of big projects going on at once, by some very very good architects... in a single neighborhood nonetheless.

Brinshore picks up another CHA site
by Sam Cholke

Brinshore Development, the firm developing the Legends South neighborhood, has been awarded the Chicago Housing Authority contract to revitalize another city block in Bronzeville. The CHA collaborated with the city to push interested developers beyond easy solutions for reviving the empty lot.

Several weeks ago, the CHA decided to add the 4400 block of South Cottage Grove Avenue to the Brinshore’s extensive portfolio in Bronzeville. The firm will build 16,000 square feet of retail space and 160 residential units on the block. A third of the units will be market-rate housing, about a quarter will be public housing and the remainder will be affordable housing.

76 units for seniors
You can see this building under construction in this photo (left side). The more midrises in this area the better.

IMG_5136 by BartShore, on Flickr
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With little notice or publicity, the Doctors Hospital is finally being demolished for the new Lab school.

Pictures here
^can you remind what the new is going to look like?

Hyde Park Day School relocating
By Sam Cholke

Two local schools are pulling up roots to build a bigger facility in Woodlawn it was recently announced. The Hyde Park Day School and the Sonia Shackman Orthogenic School, which help students with emotional issues, are expanding to a larger facility on East 63rd Street and South Ingleside Avenue.

...The University of Chicago owns the current schools’ buildings on East 60th Street and South Dorchester Avenue and has not decided yet what it will do with them.

I don't like the uncertainty surrounding the current older buildings - they must stay.
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Antheus rehabs marching forward
By Sam Cholke

With public attention directed towards the redevelopment of the Harper Court shopping center, it has been easy to miss recent major progress at key locations under development by Antheus Capital, the largest for-profit property owner in Hyde Park.


Del Prado renovation - opens in fall with two ballrooms for potential restaurants
Shoreland - interior demolition starts in a few weeks
Sutherland - interior demolition currently under way
Solstice - stalled, no construction work this summer
Village Center - Fall 2012 start at earliest, "several tenants have leases they intend to honor"
53rd and Cornell - will turn into a parking lot until Antheus develops "ambitious plans"

Basically renovation projects are proceeding while new construction awaits financing.
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