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Southern Africa *Development Fact File*

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1.) :) This section is for the POSTING OF DEVELOPMENTS only, and the discussion of these developments. Post developments located in:

South Africa*

*this country has its own section

2.) :) Please post developments in the following fashion:

Photos First

City, Country:

Additional Information...

3.) :) Only post one development per posting. Please post your discussion/dialogue on a separate post from the development you are posting. This makes it much easier to transfer data and duplicate data for world sections on the forum. It also keeps the forum neat and organized.
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Here is a relatively recent photo of the Luanda Sul project ....:cheers:

200,000 HOMES
More on Luanda Sul and the rest of Luanda...

Oil boom fuels Dubai dreams in Angola's capital

Just south of Luanda lies one of Angola's biggest construction sites, part of a plan to transform the ramshackle capital of one of Africa's top oil producers into the best city money can buy.

Freshly laid roads wind between a 120-store shopping mall, a state-of-the-art health club, schools, clinics and luxury condominiums.

With massive overcrowding in the city centre, the modern annex of Luanda Sul is an increasingly popular location, but it is not for everyone: Homes cost up to $2-million here and are bought mainly by executives, business people and foreigners.

Angola's economic boom -- fuelled by rising oil production, high crude prices and a sharp increase in foreign investment -- has brought with it ambitious plans to transform the capital into an African version of sparkling Gulf emirate Dubai.

"In the next 10 years, the government's objective is to make the centre of Luanda the financial capital of Africa," said one state company consultant, who declined to be named.

"The idea is to create something like Dubai, which grew like Luanda is growing now, but of course with fewer inhabitants and no war," he added.

Angola, which is sub-Saharan Africa's second largest oil producer after Nigeria, is picking up the pieces after a 27-year civil war, which ended in 2002.

Peace and oil production have so far done little to improve the lives of most people in Luanda, a city of up to five million where sprawling shanty towns, poor sanitation and high unemployment are the norm.

Critics of the government's big plans for the capital warn the projects will not include the city's poor.

Already, established communities have been removed from inner city slums, sometimes violently, leaving poor families stranded far from their workplaces.

"The process [of forced removals] has been going on for several years, it's affected many people -- maybe 10 000 to 13 000 people," said Luis Araujo, director of Angolan housing non governmental organisation, SOS Habitat.

"But the justification for destroying their homes could be applied to 90% of the population of Luanda. That means the number of people affected could be a lot higher in the future," he added.

Schemes and scepticism
Housing is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of Luanda's planned facelift. Construction cranes dot the skyline, marking the sites of new malls, high-rise offices, apartments and a bay-front project which Angola hopes could rival that of South Africa's tourist hub, Cape Town.

A new South Korean-built convention centre in Luanda Sul boasts several large conference rooms, luxury on-site chalets for visitors as well as Angola's first functioning escalator.

A bypass around the city is to be completed at the start of 2007 and a dry port, industrial centre and an enormous new airport are going up in the eastern satellite town of Viana.

While much of the work is privately funded, a $2-billion Chinese credit facility is being disbursed by the government, mainly for infrastructure projects which officials say will benefit the country's poor inhabitants.

"What is trickling down to people -- and in the next couple of years the person on the street will see -- is big state investment projects like roads, hospitals, schools, the airport," said Ari de Carvalho, director of Angola's private investment institute.
Many Angolans are sceptical about the grand plans.

"Dubai? Let's be realistic," said one Angolan, who lives abroad but recently visited the capital.

"There are so many basic problems here. I don't believe they will be able to get the situation turned around that quickly. Maybe in 10 or 15 years time," he added.

For now, the closest many city residents will get to wealth is a glimpse of life inside the luxurious complexes of the Luanda Sul neighbourhood. Authorities say it is a vision of the future.

"In Luanda Sul, you see the young guy with his wife and kids and a nice house, young professionals," said a senior state official. "You see the future of Angola and what it could be." - Reuters

I will be going to Angola in about 3 planning to take quite a lot of pics to share with u guys. I will be posting both the nice aspects of Luanda...and the poverty stricken slums as well.
Construction Update - Joina Centre - Harare Zimbabwe
Autumn 2006


Construction Update on Luanda´s Belas Shopping Centre:)

Angola gets its first mega shopping mall

afrol News, 23 November 2006- The first mega shopping mall ever in Luanda, known as Belas Shopping, is due to open on 14 December. The huge consumer palace, made possible by foreign investors and a very quickly growing Angolan middle class, marks the normalisation of post-war Angola.

The first phase of the shopping mall project, which will open its doors in time for the holiday season, is to have 150 out of 400 stores, twelve cinemas, a huge restaurant area, banks, travel agents, attractions and 1200 parking spots.

Belas Shopping, located in Talatona in the south of Luanda, will be the first mega mall where Angolan consumers can find all kind of goods; national and imported.

The mall represents a total investment of US$ 85 million, financed by Brazilian and Angolan investors. These investors are mainly grouped in a consortium in which Angola's investment management company Hogi has a 70 percent stake and Brazil's construction company Odebrecht holds the remaining 30 percent.

Belas Shopping is to be managed by the Brazilian company Enashopp, which expects to have made a good investment in Angola. According to Enashopp, Luanda is "a city that is living trough a very special moment of growth and expansion. The construction of Belas Shopping adds to this transformation, bringing in new products and services of quantity and quality."

Initial forecasts point to Belas Shopping having, on average, between 10,000 and 15,000 visitors per day, according to the investors. Just two years ago, this would represent the entire middle class of Luanda.

The establishment of a shopping mall in the Angolan capital is widely seen as a sign of the country's normalisation and rapid economic expansion. It is "a large symbol of development and modernity," adds Enashopp.

The growing number of rich and middle-income Angolans lately have increasingly turned abroad to look for luxury goods. In particular South African, Portuguese and Brazilian destinations have made good revenues on shopping tourists from Angola - not to mention airliners.
I can't wait to visit my birth country Angola next summer!!!
I will definetely visit this shopping centre!! :|

I've found the website of this shopping centre.

It is in Portuguese AND in English! ;)
Ladyl, nice webpage! But I do think that the mall consists of various phases because there will be around 400 stores due to the newspapers!

It would really be nice to find out what kind of fashion labels can be found in there?! Luxury international brands (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Céline and Prada), outdoor fashion (Timberland), swanky young African designers in hyper-trendy stores (I would love that!!:banana: ) or any Portuguese/Brazilian labels (which I don´t know:lol: ). The images on the webpage are already so tempting! Hopefully it is a mix of all fashion labels combined (known and unknown ones)

Due to an article there are other malls u/c in Luanda, too!:banana:

As far as consumer power is concerned: I do hope that Luanda will one day in the distant future turn into full-fledged “crazy” and flashy African consumers paradise (just like Thailand or Malaysia where you have hypermalls on end or to stick to our continent; in SA where you have wonderful "Canal Walk" in Cape Town among others)...Oh, I am just dreaming:)

so far it's the best looking of the new towers i have seen going up in Luanda

Impressive. I can never understand why people would be sceptic about grand developments, and make statements like "it's not benefitting the poor". Would they rather have no development taking place at all? Development have spin off effects, mostly for the good. Sacrifices need to be made, if they want to see improvements.
Emporio Luanda Plaza

ooo, look what I just found!!

The website is in portuguese, but the images speak for themselves.
Haberk, i have to agree with you. I really dont understand people that just like to talk for the sake of talking. Investment in commercial and residential property is part and parcel of investment in an economy and will help the economy diversify and grow further. If i wanted to go and invest in Angola say in telecommunications i don't want to build and office from scratch and it helps if there is a stock of suitable commercial and industrial property that i can rent so that i focus on what i do (which is providing a telecommunications service). The government can spend loads of money and build RDP style houses like in SA but the poor will still turn around and ask for what they really need. And you will be pleasantly surprised that what they really need is something called a "A JOB"!! Give a man a fishing rod and they will never ask for fish, one great commentator once said. So i think its high times that people think about what they say and not just talk for the sake of talking.
New Commercial Building in Luanda

EDIarchitecture finally updated its webpages, so I got this new building from it!:) It was them that built Torres Atlantico in Luanda

Name: Total and E&P Headquarter

Floors: 16F

City/Country: Luanda/Angola

Additional Information:

37,213 Square Meter Office Tower and Parking Garage
I do have a few points to make on Luanda:

1.) Can someone help us to find pictures of the 26 story "Edificio Esso" in Luanda?. Its construction has already started (foundation work).

2.) Luanda´s highest new tower will be a bank tower by "Banco Espirito". They said something about "Espirito Santo constrói torre mais alta de Luanda..." on the Internet. So can someone find out more information on that, please?

3.) There is another five star hotel currently under construction and another shopping mall, too. The hotel will be managed by a Portuguese chain called "VIP International Hotel". So maybe someone can read the article in Portuguese and give us a brief synopsis of it?! Only a few points would help a lot in order to have some more clarity. Here is the link:<b

4.) I got this picture from a webpage and and it shows the beginning of big land reclamation area in Luanda. I will quote here: " Angola´s latest investment - A sand island where they build a billion dollar hotel à la Dubai". unquote. We do need the help of Angolans or any Portuguese speakers here to verify that for us! It just sounds like:eek2: Information dates back to November 2006.
Here is the link:

I know these are many points but the answering of a few of them would help us all to keep this thread updated. Thanks A LOT for your help:) :)

PS: Guuush, Luanda´s transforming so rapidly and there is virtually no information on it (in English).:eek:hno:
Hi Matthias, thank you for your posts.

I only find this.
(in a blog)

Já começou
Novembro 8th, 2006 by miguel
Teve início hoje a execução do Projecto da Baía de Luanda, o qual terá a duração de 5 anos “prorrogável por igual período” (se é que ouvi bem). Já começou realmente, com a dragagem da baía em frente ao Porto de Luanda. A baía e a marginal, tal como as conhecemos hoje e as conheceram outros, serão dentro de alguns anos uma recordação do passado.

[foto] Evolução da baía
Novembro 16th, 2006 by miguel

Acho que vou ter que dizer adeus a este apartamento, tão porreiro. Primas: estão a trabalhar 24/24 e isto vai durar 5 anos! Sigas: vão construir 5 torres de 20 e tal andares no aterro que se está a ver à frente, segundo os últimos relatos. Trigas: poderá haver uma melhoria da qualidade de vida após a conclusão das obras, mas duvido que ainda esteja por cá.

angola gas refinery

the site has been chosen in soyo angola. today in final design stage.

Key Facts

Joint project - involving the state oil company of Angola - Sonangol (22.8%) and affiliates of ChevronTexaco (36.4%), ExxonMobil (13.6%), Total (13.6%), and BP (13.6%)

Integrated gas utilization project - offshore and onshore operations to monetize gas resources from blocks located offshore of Angola

Products - Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and condensate

Production - initially a one train plant of nominal five million tonnes per year of LNG production capacity will be built in the vicinity of Soyo, south of the Congo River, in the Zaire Province of Angola

Potential - 75 million standard cubic feet per day of lean, clean gas will be available from date of plant start up for domestic use. The rest of the products would be available for export.

Reserves - over 10 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves are available (expected to increase as oil and gas operations expand)

Resources - Sonangol has "dedicated" the gas resources from offshore Blocks 0, 1, 2, 14, 15, 17 and 18 to the Project

Cleaner Environment - facilitate offshore oil development while reducing gas flaring in Angola

i can tell by the info coming through angola is getting juicy now. lots of projects coming through. rock on dudes!
New high-rise project in Luanda

Click here for photos:

Name: Tour Élysée

Floors: 24F

City/Country: Luanda/Angola

Location: Ruas Reinha Ginga e Amilcar Cabral

Use: Mixed Use

Status: Construction start planned for early 2007
offices and appartments already on sale

Additional Information:

"Manhattan" africana

Todavia, o surto de construção civil que se verifica, actualmente, em Luanda vai alterar completamente a paisagem da capital angolana, transformando-a nos próximos anos numa verdadeira "Manhattan" africana. Junto à famosa marginal, estão a ser erguidas novas torres com mais de 20 andares de escritórios das companhias petrolíferas Esso e Sonangol; a seguradora AAA já inaugurou o seu novo edifício sede, com dez andares; um arquiteto senegalês está a construir a Tour Elysée; e está prevista a construção de cinco novos hotéis.

No entanto, o maior dos arranha-céus de Luanda, com 25 andares de escritórios, habitação e espaços comerciais, vai ser construído pela Escom Imobiliária no bairro Miramar, dominando a cidade e a baía. E, mesmo ao lado, vão nascer duas torres de apartamentos com 18 andares. No segmento da habitação, prevê-se um grande desenvolvimento na zona de Luanda Sul, com a construção de residências para a classe alta e média-alta, enquanto o Governo procura realojar em bairros construídos pelos chineses, as populações que habitam os musseques construídos em pleno centro da capital e os ocupantes de prédios não acabados.

Os chineses estão, igualmente, a construir o futuro aeroporto internacional de Luanda, no Bom Jesus, a cerca de 30 quilómetros da capital (será construída uma autoestrada de ligação). Vai ser dotado de duas pistas e deverá estar concluído dentro de três anos
Viratox, thanks a lot for the additional information rendered. :cheers1: :)
Maputo: Unfinished 25-storey Hotel to be Demolished

One of Maputo's least loved landmarks will disappear in February.

The unfinished "Quatro Estacoes" (Four Seasons) hotel, whose ugly shell towers over a Maputo beach, will be demolished by implosion to make space for new premises for the American Embassy and a residential complex.

The Four Seasons was planned in the closing years of colonial rule as the largest hotel in the country. But when independence came in 1975, the shareholders of the company that owned the site fled to Portugal, leaving the building unfinished.

Since then there have been several attempts to find investors willing to complete the building, but all have given up.

The latest was the "Four Seasons Property Company" which won a tender for the abandoned building four years ago. The company claims to have invested four million dollars - but the building looks as ruined as ever.

The company's deputy chairperson, Trigo de Morais, told reporters on Thursday that attempts to complete the building are now being abandoned, and the 6,000 square metre lot that it occupies will be devoted to other purposes.

Trigo de Morais said that a deal has almost been concluded with the United States embassy which wants to move its premises to this area.

The abandoned hotel is 25 storeys high. Adjacent to it is an equally abandoned three storey building. Demolishing these buildings will generate 19,000 cubic metres of rubble. The company will have to discuss the fate of this waste with Maputo City Council.

The demolition work will be managed by the Mozambican consultancy company, Consultec, and an American company, Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI), has been hired to carry out the implosion.

A Consultec specialist told reporters that standard demolition methods "would take several months, creating problems of vibration, noise, dust, and safety for long periods, besides the risk to the workers themselves'.

Hence the decision to implode the building. CDI intends to start preparations for the implosion, a month before the scheduled demolition date.
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