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Soviet Single-Family/Private Houses

The Soviet architecture is associated with either glorious Stalinist "excesses" or Krushchyov's economically-sound commieblocks. But what about single-family houses? The majority of houses in this thread will be from Soviet period, though the tradition of decorating houses with elaborate carving is older than that - so some older house will be included as well as it is not always easy to tell whether a Russian village house was built under Tsar or the communists. Some post-1991 houses will also be included for the same reason.

All images come from uzorochja. I chose about 200 images in total.

I hope you like.

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Wow! Great thread!!! What a surprise.

It's hard to imagine that private individual houses were built under the comunism and it's more amazing to see that they built such ornate houses, I would have guessed that most houses built in the USSR were built in the international style. I guess that the soviet autorities didn't mind that traditional folkish style as it wouldn't be seen as bourgoise architecture
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