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SkyscraperCity (SSC) was created primarily for the sharing of knowledge, insights, facts, images and above all enthusiasm about the built environment.

SSC does not tolerate referral, recruitment and selling through the forums.

A. No user may post recruitment-style threads/posts (i.e. any individual post or thread, with clear and deliberate intent of using the forum's user base as a source/pool for sales, referrals, recruits) in the forum. Any posts of this nature will be deleted on sight.

B. No user may advertise any product or service on this message board. Any posts of this nature will be deleted on sight.

C. Persistent violations will result in a ban.

If you see any post or thread which violates the above rules, or other general forum rules, feel free to report them through this thread or via PM.

Thank you!

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May I just remind everyone of the following rules for signature:

2. Signatures

a) Signatures should not occupy more than 5 lines of text and should not use large font size. No text over vBulletin size 3 is allowed, even if your signature line uses only one line.
b) Signature lines should not have nationalistic, combative, racist or any other kind of commentary which may offend others.
Please make the necessary adjustments on your signature to conform it with the abovementioned rules. Infractions will be given to offenders beginning on January 31.

Thank you.

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Hello Mods, kindly change the thread title to read as follows:

From: PAMPANGA | Century City San Fernando [mix]

To: PAMPANGA | Azure North [mix|res]

Thanks !!! :)
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