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Spokane, WA: Number one

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Spokane is medium sized city located in eastern Washington. These pictures are all a few days old of a place that is woefully underrepresented around here.

Audubon Park area:

Around town:

Riverside State Park area:

Riverfront Park and Downtown

Coeur d'Alene

More to come someday!
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Really nice Spokane pics! You're right I've never seen a Spokane picture thread around here. But you represented Spokane beautifully! I've never seen such good pictures of the city. And your nature shots are superb! Nice work and thanks for taking the time to share!
Spectacular pictures Gray!!! Very well done.

Are you going to be in Spokane during Hoopfest? I would love to see some of your shots if so.
Awesome pictures. I lived in Medical Lake, a suburb of Spokane, several years ago and I really loved it. Spokane has such an incredible gritty coolness about it.
I'm back in Seattle right now, but I'll be getting more of Spokane in August. Thanks everyone for the comments, Spokane is a nice place... at least in the summer!
Only got to drive through this town once, but I got an interesting vibe from it. Surprisingly there are some desert like areas near the city...lots of landscape diversity in this area of Washington. The city seems pretty self-reliant considering there isn't another major city for a couple hundred miles. Would love to go back and explore.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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