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Sprawl - The Brazilian cities version of sprawl

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Pictures taken by brazilian forumers at SSC: Pinhate, Farrapo and Gutoo and all available at threads in the brazilian section of SSC. Some pics also from and from google earth.

Sprawl in Brazil


Rio de Janeiro




Guaruja, Sao Paulo.


Porto Alegre

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Why just Jurerê? Florianópolis has so many other neighborhoods.
Nice landscaping. I definatly wouldn't mind living there.
wow, urban-sprawled golf communities that don't repulse me like the ones here in the U.S. Actually looks pretty cool.
Nice thread, I really didn't know that side of Maceió. :)
Now, if that isn't a beautifull skyline in that Maceió pic, I don't know what a skyline is...
I don´t think this is a good signal. The "sprawl" start with the downtown decay of almost all brazilian big cities. So, the middle-class move to new(and at the time, safety) neighborhoods in the suburbs.
Very Nice !!!!!!!!
Nice pics!
more please!!!!!!!!

more pease!!!!! i love sprawl in brazil!!!!!!!
I see lots of empty lots in those Brazilian satellite photos.

Maybe they had a real estate bust there, too. :)
^^ Nah, it's because they are all fairly new areas of the cities...brazilians are more and more starting to live in these "americanized" way of living, around canals, golf courses and other Estates. But I would say in most cities, the great majority of the wealthy population still lives in apartments...

As a matter of fact Brazil just started last year experiencing it biggest Real Estate Boom ever! There are constructions everywhere at the moment!
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but, most incredible it is Brasilia and some other cities, because the remaining portion of Brazil is full of residential buildings.

zoom in the last pic.
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I see lots of empty lots in those Brazilian satellite photos.

Maybe they had a real estate bust there, too. :)
No, in Brazil it´s the opposite of what´s happening in the US.

Brazil is experiencing a BOOM in its real estate sector. Those areas are mostly new ones.

It´s the opposite of the US, where the sector is in decay.
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Sao Lourenço Riviera, Brazil.

Campinas, Brazil.

A mall

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Nice pics ! :cheer:
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