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Spring came to Vilnius

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Spring finally came to Vilnius and we now are glad to make some photos in good weather ;) Vilnius old town is most beautiful during summer-spring to me, so it was really pleasant to take some photos ;)

Hope you will enjoy.

The end (for now) ;)
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This is gotta be one of the most beautiful plazas in our region. NIce pics all of them. Is this the downtown?
Nice pics. One sad thing with Vilnius old town is that many streets have new
look, which isn`t good for old town charm. This building looks cool:
Everybody thanks ;)

@Moolio it's old town, but old town = downtown in Vilnius (offices, entertainment and so on), it's good and bad in the same time. I wish all those car's be gone from old town one day.

@Ringil next time when you want to feel like in Morocco visit Vilnius ;)

@sander, most of streets and yards are still paved with stone, only those which was allready demolished (paved with new material) during soviet times get's kinda new look. Anyway as far as building's is allright some new street's don't make much difference. :)
There are only few real downtown in Europe ;) I'd call it a city center :yes:

Btw, thanks a lot for the photos. I was out today too, but you have already seen my photos in miestai forum :D
wonderful pics, I can see that the city is in perfect shape, good work - cant wait this summer :)
Magnificent pics, Vilnius is just beautiful. Need to go back ASAP :)
How wonderful, Geex! :eek:kay:

Thanks a whole lot, this is really most enjoyable ... I remember those streets & buildings from last summer! Maybe by the time you read this the rest of the snow will be gone, too. :)
Mantaz, delfin, Edmundo, WH thank's ;)

BTW Mantaz post your photos here from time to time too :)
Excellent pictures, the pic with Vilnius cathedral and belltower and the square is just pure excellence, it looks so pretty, vilnius looks 10 points there, really, it looks awesome nothing to say really
Geex said:
Mantaz, delfin, Edmundo, WH thank's ;)

BTW Mantaz post your photos here from time to time too :)
I would, but you are usually faster :D

But I'll post some if this thread turns to 2nd page ;)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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