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A week or so ago I worked on the Spring Creek Hutterite colony, near Biggar, SK. As there had been some discussion about them on here in the Canada Coast to Coast thread a little while back I thought id share the pics I took and my experience. Before going to the colony I had only seen them shopping at Walmarts (I do a lot of contracting in Walmarts, so am in various ones alot) and thought they were very similar to the Mennonites I used to see growing up in Ontario. But, its seems the only thing the share in common is dressing differently then most Canadians. The Spring Creek colony was founded in 1979 with the purchase of 20,000 acres. After 2 years of construction they moved in. The farm is pretty high tech. They have millions in tractors and other equipment, their own grain elevators, mechanic shops, etc. I was there to install surge suppression in their new $2.5mil milking barn. This barn has a computer controlled carousel which can milk 50 cows at once! I ate with them the one day, they were very generous with wanting you to eat with them. We had bread baked fresh that day (it was amazing), homemade jam, peas, mashed potatos, meat balls and fresh milk. The eating hall was segregated with the elders of both sexes sitting at head tables on each side of the room. Everyone seemed very friendly there, although I didnt ask all the questions I wanted to as I thought it would be rude. Same goes for the pics im going to show, I took a few while going between barns and driving in and out, but thought it would be rude to poke around the whole place with a camera. Hence there is no pics of the living quarters or inside many of the buildings....

First off a couple of views from outside the colony

In and around the farm...

I believe the living quarters are behind the trees

Inside the milking barn

And finally, the reason for me being there, Zone 1 and Zone 2 surge surpression!

Zone 1 to protect the whole farm

208V Zone 2 (rectangular box on the side of the panel)

600V Zone 2 (square box on left side)


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Maybe the colonies vary from province to province, but from my experience, they live quite simply, and communally on these big collectives. They all wear the same clothing, and all dine together in a big dining hall, but they have their individual houses. The houses are very plain, outside and inside, with little decoration or frivolity. Money from the crops or animals is pooled collectively for the good of the commune. They are nothing like Doukabours, and have normal family units. They speak an old dialect of Low German. They get the very best machinery available and are extremely good and efficient farmers.
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