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spring finally in Tallinn, the second day (Part II)

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Well... as
ch1le said:
@Mr.Denmark, I think i should do a pic tour of the Old town... then you would see whats classic! :)

I concentrated mostly in the new town parts of the city - the developing harbour area, the highrise district (just peeked in there for Tornimäe though) and a pic from Freedom square.
Mby if i have some time, ill go and try to make a little phototrip of the Old town

Cheers! ;)
and... i had free time, so heres what i made.... sadly there was nothing springish in the weather... more fallish really... so to compensate i made them in Black And white... enjoy the few i Did get to make in the old town...






6. (LOL not black and white... so I would utterly destroy your sence of spring!)







uhh.... hope you enjoyed!
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Cool pics. I like this coloured picture of Raekoda. Colourful buildings and grey sky is somehow cool combination.
Well if that's what counts as spring in Tallinn... but it still looks amazing anyway!
This narrow and small streets are great. One hour ago I was watching Tallin in Google Earth, and I must say that Tallin looks very well also from the ground and also from the sky ;)
oh hell no, Tallinn looks very unurban and undense from the air and from such "satellite" pic. Its MUCH MUCH MUCH better in real life on the street level ;) But thanks for commenting ;)
I wanted say that Tallin looks always great, form satelite and 'on the street level' too. In future I will go there, because I'm very interestet in Baltic countries and cities, So I want more photos :D
I invite you to open last link in my signature, there are photos from my city :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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