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Spring has come to Jyväskylä!

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So the weather's getting nicer by the day (well, almost), and today I decided to take a little tour around the town. Here's a few of the pics I took.


40m tall. Currently the city's tallest residential building, but will soon be surpassed by the new residential tower in Lutakko district.

Town center:

Railway station:

Lotsa metal... :D

The new police station.

The construction of the phase four including the new tallest residential tower is about to begin beside the existing mid-rises.


Hope you enjoyed it! :)
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I did, and up to the last picture it really felt like Spring is here, but the last pic is worrying, ALL THE SNOW! AAARHHHG, mmm, atleast in Tallinn the snow is 90% Gone! ;D Celebrate ;)

Thank you for the pics, Jyväskylä (oh god, spelling it takes me a couple minutes ALways) is a interesting city with a vibrant centre, id like to see more pics of the centre, hope that one day high high highrises will cover the centre ;) :)
Cool city. Everything seems to be nice & clean. Viitatorni looks so... soulless.
sander said:
Viitatorni looks so... soulless.
It's funny really, Viitatorni is designed by Alvar Aalto who is widely considered the best Finnish architect ever (he's especially popular in Italy where he designed several buildings). I'm not one of those people. :D He's designed some really fine buildings, mainly concert halls such as Finlandia hall, the theatre of Jyväskylä and so on. Most of his buildings suck hard IMO, though. :D

Yes, the building does lack spirit.
Estboy said:
Nice small city and I hope to go back there for the rally:)
I take it you were here last summer? Well, when you get here, let me know. :) I'll definitely go to see the rally and probably cheer for Märtin as Finnish driver suck these days. :(
nice, it really looks like spring is on its way to Finland, even tho the weather is going to get really bad the coming weekend :(
A few pics more. I hate my camera. It sucks. These pics are taken today, and the weather is nice and sunny, but the pics are dark and kinda depressing, really. :(

Anyways, here they are:

A comprehensive school near the town center.


Theatre. It looks kinda small in this pic. It's not a large building by any means, but in this image it looks even smaller than in reality.

Vapaudenkatu, a not-so-pretty-part of Jyväskylä.
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Seem's to be very nice city (like all other's in Finland ;)). Do you have some photos of old town?
Geex said:
Seem's to be very nice city (like all other's in Finland ;)). Do you have some photos of old town?
If we had one, then I would. :D Jyväskylä is a town with very few old buildings, and the ones that we have are few and far apart. The comprehensive school is one of the oldest buildings probably.
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