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Spring in Gdansk

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as the weather was so beautiful today I had a walk around Gdansk center, and I've taken some pics

here we go


Railway Station

Waly Jagielonskie street

National Bank of Poland

Torture Tower

Upland Gate

Golden Gate

Manor of the Society of St George

Long Street

Main Post Office

Kaletnicza Street

Town Hall

Neptune's Fountaine

Long Market

Artus Court

Green Gate

Freshly rebuilt buildings at Stagiewna street


Krolewski Hotel

lets look closer who the main guests are :cheers:

Long Quay

Granary Island

Medieval Crane

Archeological Museum

Maritime Museum

Schlieff's House

The Sun Watch on St Mary's Church

The Grand Weaponry

Royal Chapel

Old Trading Hall

Hotel Mercure Hevelius

The Grand Mill

St Catherine's Church

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What an amazing city, I sure must get there. I think there's a ferry line Klaipeda-Gdansk opened recently, perhaps I won't miss a chance to use it. :)
Wonderful city. Most places are familiar to me as i already visited Gdansk ;)

And tourist's seem's to be from Kaunas (or at least bus is from Kaunas for sure ;))
Thanks a lot, the city is trully magnificent :eek:kay:

LOL, I used to have a puzzel of 3000 pieces of this places. Never made it though :|
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Wow, Gdansk old town looks very distinguished. 3rd pic is cool, this highrise looks really massive. Last pic looks pleasant- I like small rivers/canals in city.
beutiful pictures! Gdansk really has a share of excellent old town :)
Very beautiful! Mercure hotel looks kinda ugly but it's really an exception! :)
I loved Gdañsk "at first sight" when I've been there last summer, it's really a wonderful city, I'd dare to say it's the most beautiful city in Poland, and surely my favourite among coast-towns in the Baltic. I really hope to come back there soon, I miss it!

Great job Delfin, but where is Ul. Mariacka? I don't believe you didn't take any pics there! :D
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Carletto said:
Great job Delfin, but where is Ul. Mariacka? I don't believe you didn't take any pics there! :D
ofcourse I did, here you are :)

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Beautiful city and great pictures. When was the train station built?

My favorite:

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Kampflamm said:
Beautiful city and great pictures. When was the train station built?
thank you
the station was opened in 1900, its architecture (tower) is to resemble the main town hall, in 1998 Japan's architects fell in love with this station and they built copy of it in Japan
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I wonder why I still didn`t manage to visit this charming city !
Ok guys I'd like to underline that what you're looking at is actually fake, its just a reconstruction, Gdansk was leveled with ground in 1945 by Russians though there was no purpose to do it all Germans were already gone, this what it looked like after Russians "visited" the city



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Yep, it's seemes they were visiting and celebrating the defeat :|
pics I took on Monday


Burgher houses

Kaletnicza street

Trading hall

Long Street (Dluga)

Royal Chapel

Katownia (Torture house :) )

Golden Gate

Arthus Court with 25 years of Solidarity Emblemats

Weaponery after renovation

Piwna street

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