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Spring in Gdansk

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as the weather was so beautiful today I had a walk around Gdansk center, and I've taken some pics

here we go


Railway Station

Waly Jagielonskie street

National Bank of Poland

Torture Tower

Upland Gate

Golden Gate

Manor of the Society of St George

Long Street

Main Post Office

Kaletnicza Street

Town Hall

Neptune's Fountaine

Long Market

Artus Court

Green Gate

Freshly rebuilt buildings at Stagiewna street


Krolewski Hotel

lets look closer who the main guests are :cheers:

Long Quay

Granary Island

Medieval Crane

Archeological Museum

Maritime Museum

Schlieff's House

The Sun Watch on St Mary's Church

The Grand Weaponry

Royal Chapel

Old Trading Hall

Hotel Mercure Hevelius

The Grand Mill

St Catherine's Church

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Why I haven't been in Gdansk so far...:D:D :? ;)

Amazing town! Amazing pics! Overall, I am amazed ;)

Good job delfin :D
OMg photos looks great !!!! Great City = Great Photos :cool: :D
It is so beautiful! It's one of my favourite cities in Poland!
Thanx for these wonderful pictures :eek:kay:
Gdansk , as always a delight to look at :eek:kay:
^ @De Snor what about your plans to visit Poland this summer. Are they still up to date?
wow, what an adorable city and architecture, great photos, delfin_pl :) :cheers:
OlekD said:
^ @V200 what about your plans to visit Poland this summer. Are they still up to date?
No ! not impossible to go over there this summer , postponed to later this year or spring 2006.
I'll keep you informed , you got my word on that :)
Great photos Delfin! :yes:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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