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Springtime in Los Angeles 2014

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The Beach

Downtown Los Angeles
The Standard Hotel Rooftop Happy Hour

8th and Grand u/c

Koreatown Night Market

Mid Wilshire

Echo Park

and the rest

Thanks for stopping by.
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Wondrously beautiful..:bow::bow:..:eek::shocked:..:love:..:cool::cool:..:eek:kay::uh:
Im always looking for myself in your pics because you take pics of a lot of the places i frequent. We must have crossed paths before.

Anyways, keep up the great work
Well if you see a tall black guy walking the streets with a camera around his neck it might be me. Thanks you guys.
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I'm at the top of Elysian Park with Dodger Stadium below, or at least a piece of the parking lot.
Wow. Bravo ! :applause:
Wonderful, very nice photos from Los Angeles :cheers:
nice photo collection of a cross section of LA proper.
Hollywood Blvd is as quite as vibrant as ever and the only place I remembered I'd been to way back in mid 2000's.
Thanks for visiting folks. :)
quite beautiful shots and the city too.
cool springtime photos and I love that night skyline shot.
great shots and nice places.
I particularly like those character residential houses....they must be quite expensive.
Great pictures!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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