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This is the Official thread for the new & upcomin Sprinter Light Rail Connecting Oceanside & Escondido. This is what the Project is all about:

North County Transit District (NCTD) will offer a new mobility link between Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos and Escondido – the SPRINTER rail line. The SPRINTER will run 22 miles along the Highway 78 corridor, effortlessly transporting passengers to work, school, shopping centers and other activities. Riders will have the freedom to read, work or relax as the state of the art rail vehicles sprint to the 15 stations on the line.

Construction on the SPRINTER has begun and is scheduled for completion in December 2007.

Here are some pictures of this new light rail system:

The Sprinter Map Westside:

The Sprinter Map Eastside:

Sprinter Station Render 1:

Sprinter Station Render 2:

Sprinter Rail Car:

Sprinter Station Layouts:

The Official Site of The Sprinter -

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Im live within less then a half mile from a station. If I end up going to Cal-State San Marcos like I think I might, then I could just take a train there instead of having to endure the Highway 78 traffic.

Thankfully, North County is getting smart with mass transit.
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