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Project for Public Spaces has recognised Square St-Louis as a "shining example" of a great public square.

Top 12 Public Squares in the U.S. and Canada
Shining examples to inspire the growing movement to bring back town squares.

10. Square St. Louis, Montreal, Quebec

The closest thing to a European neighborhood square you'll find this side of the Atlantic, Square St. Louis is nestled in Montreal's Latin Quarter near the university and the fashionably bohemian Plateau neighborhood. Indeed, singer and poet Leonard Cohen is rumored to own one of the picturesque townhouses that line either side of the long rectangular park.

A classic Victorian fountain is the centerpiece of the park, along with an old gazebo with a small selection of snacks. It is said to be favorite haunt of writers, painters and filmmakers seeking artistic inspiration, but on a sunny day everyone in the neighborhood seems to be there, making it a true town square. The major attraction are plentiful benches, where you can relax, meet your neighbors or just watch as the world passes by.
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