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Squares with names of cities

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Are there in your city squares with names of cities? Are they famous?
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-Plaza de Callao (Callao Square):
The square is very important and famous in Madrid, it's situated in Gran Vía st & Preciados st. a area with many offices, shops, and many many people... 1,000.000 of people at day cross this square.
In this square was 3 of the tallest buildings of Madrid, Spain and Europe in 1920 and 1930: Edificio Capitol, Palacio de la Prensa & Edificio Fnac.
The city is situated in Perú, it has 815.000 inh. & is part of Lima metropolitan area.
-Plaza de Lima (Lima Square):
The square is situated in Castellana st. It's Next to AZCA, one of financial centres in Madrid. Near to the square is the "Torre Europa" (Europe Tower), 120m high.
In Copenhagen I can only think of:
Oslo Plads (Oslo Square)
- not really a important square. It's actually just a road these days and then there is a larger train-station - Østerport.

besides that there are atleast two with country names.
State House Square...think it was called Hartford square in the past.
(pics by me)

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In Hamburg there are not so many squares, and many of those few don't have "Platz" (german for square) in their name, but instead "Markt" (market) or "Hof" (court).
Out of my head I can only think of "Berliner Platz", which is actually just a small shopping centre in an eastern suburb of Hamburg.
A "Chicago Square" is planned in the Hafencity development.

However you will find enough streets and roads named after other towns and cities.
Paris Square (Pariser Platz) in Berlin

One of the most famous squares in the world,

Paris Square (Pariser Platz) in Berlin

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Leidseplein - called after the city Leiden. One of the places you have to see as tourist. A great place to go out in Amsterdam.

Haarlemmerplein - called after the city Haarlem. Not a great square nowadays, but it was an important square in the past.

Weesperplein - Named after the village Weesp. There was a station in the past where trains took off to Utrecht. A busy road crosses here now and it connects the subway to tram lines 7 & 10.

Waterlooplein - The only square that I have mentioned that didn't had a city gate. It is named after the battle of Waterloo, so not directly after the village. There is a daily flea market with 300 stalls.

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Berlin has many.

Of course there's the Pariser Platz (also known as Condom square), as mentionned by GEwinnen. The square also hosts the French embassy.

However, there's also the Warschauer Platz, and of course the Potsdamer Platz:

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don't forget the potsdam sqaure:

ok, you were first, but just next to the potsdamer platz is the leipziger platz.
those squares named after cities developed as the places directly behind or in front of the former city wall, the name told you to which city you are heading toward.
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Even if it's not properly about squares, the whole neighbourhood around Saint-Lazare train station in Paris is made of streets named after European cities:

The circle "square" in the middle of railtracks is named Place de l'Europe (Europe square), and you can find on the picture steets named after Rome, London, Saint-Petersbourg, Madrid, Amsterdam, Vienna, Athens, Turin, Bern, Brussels...

An ironic thing, there's a street named after the Belgian city of Liège. It used to be named after Berlin. The name has changed in 1914 when Germany attacked France. Actually, there's a metro station located on the street which has also switched its name from Berlin to Liège. Considering how well is located the Pariser Platz in Berlin, I think it would be legitimate to have a nice place in Paris being called after Berlin nowadays.
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More squares in Berlin...

Washingtonplatz (Washington Square) -in a few years:)

Leipziger Platz

No mans land 1961-1989


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Edmonton has none. There are only a handful of squares in this city, the rest are either parks or blocks.
I can think of four squares with city names in Munich:
Pariser Platz, Orleans Platz, Bordeaux Platz and Wiener Platz (Vienna Square).
All of them are pretty close to each other.
No. There are 3 roads hamed after citeis and one ofter a country, they are:

Rua de Coimbra.
Rua Cuidad Rodrigo.
Estrada de Coimbra.
Avenida de Espanha.
Many italian cities have got squares, roads and streets dedicated to other cities (both italian and foreigns);

one of the most important commercial street in Milano is called corso Buenos Aires, another via Torino and a long one is called viale Monza.

Despite Milano hasn't got a street called via Roma, most of the other cities or towns have got that.
Toronto has Amsterdam Square.
image from flick by star juza

Helsinki got Tallinanaukio. Translated Tallin-square. It looks very depressing on the picture. Architecture is somewhat ugly. But it looks decent enough with nice weather in the summer, when even a small crowd might gather. It serves as a bum hangout and a smoking place for the customers for the huge (in relation to what is common and where it is) shopping mall of Itäkeskus which main entrances are here, as well the metro station and a bus terminal 50 meters away. Despite it sometimes looking a bit trashy as can be seen on the picture I think it is an enrichment to the area. I have see some more modern square become a windy big ugly ocean of greying concrete plagued by pigeons if they find a food source.
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The Washington Platz in Berlin looks amazing!!
I love the leidseplein Pano :)
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