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Srebrenik, Bosnia-Herzegovina (56 K Be-very-ware)

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Beautiful pictures Mila:D Did you take them yourself?
Where is exactly is Srebrenik. I actually never heard of it. It seems like a cute little town.
Seems like a very pleasant town. I love the landscape.
@ Bane
Not far away from Tuzla(west direction as far as I can remember).

Majevcan(;) )
Excellent little town, and it even seems that they have some good construction! I'd like to visit the city one day, but probably not in the near future. Not enough time. :(

The city really has a charm, like no other that I've seen in any other city. For example, those streets were being repaired, and there were being projects placed between spaces, that are creating more and more urbanization...

I see that these little towns that aren't mentioned in Bosnia and Herzegovina also have great potential. :yes:

Clean, very mediterranean-looking town. Gives an impression of being a place where a tourist would spend 2 weeks doing nothing and enjoy it.
BiH-x, Ado evo novih slika, maxuz :)

s mobitelom sam slikala, pa nisu slike bas nesto

Trg, koji je jos gradi

Zgrada Papagajka


TROCADERO- onaj u Budvi je mala maca za ovaj :D

Trg, donji dio

Sportska dvorana

Ima jos slika, dodam naknadno
Ima jos slika, dodam naknadno[/QUOTE]

Trg, jos jednom

Na ovom mjestu gdje je sad trava, skoro je nesto ruseno uskoro ce tu biti mislim stambeno-poslovna zgrada

Thanks. You do use some awkward angles though :nuts: .
BiH-x fine slike, ali su pravo stare, vec odavno Kopex Sarajlic ne postoji, sad je OMW :)
Thanks. You do use some awkward angles though :nuts: .
haha yeah, that's result of walking and shooting pictures... :D

Hoceli se graditi stambeno-poslovni objekat firme Kopex-Sarajlic????

Hoceli se graditi stambeno-poslovni objekat firme Kopex-Sarajlic????
Ja mislim da su oni kupili to zemljiste....
Super su ti slike.
Srebrenik je definitivno na mojoj listi gradova koje moram posjetiti!
1 - 20 of 103 Posts
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