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Sorry for putting up personal thread on this part of the forum. I also believe this thread will have its national interest.
I'm looking for your feedback and suggestions.

As profession I'm freelance tourism consultant and product designer.

I am working on interactive knowledge sharing platform call Sri Lanka Travel Forward

concept behind this is to make video bass platform for travel and tourism industry to bridge the knowledge gap with in the Travel & Tourism industry for smooth transitions to knowledge economy.

this platform will move on to other important industry's too.

In short this project is going to be same as Ted talks

Any one knows Ted talks will know how influential is Ted for millions of global citizens.

My belief is if Sri Lanka wont to be wonder of Asia we need to change from process driven system to outcome driven system.

I believe if we can change this it will create a necessity demand for knowledge oriented workforce among Sri Lanka's top new innovations and early adopters.

Before I go in to explain more.
I wont to know your feedback and suggestions.

Aravinda Rathnyake
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