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SSC Egypt is now on Twitter

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The Journey to expand our little SSC Egypt community has began :D

So I created a twitter account @SSCEgypt

In that twitter account we will be tweeting news about the last projects news, economic stuff, also news. so we can attract the Egyptians community from twitter to join SSC Egypt :D

Now I will not be able to keep up with the news and feeds, so I want couple of volunteers to help shaping up that twitter account.

If you are active and interested let me know and I'll PM you the password.

so Follow us guys :D
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Great Idea :cheers:

I will join Twitter later today to follow.
Going to follow as soon as i get on my account ^^
I've joined twitter yesterday and I follow SSCEgypt :D
^^ Cool, I followed you back :cheers:
Yess I saw that... Thanks! :D
Guys, Did I mention that the Muslim Brotherhood are following us on twitter? is this why we not getting much people following us :lol:

I thought of doing something on twitter that might help us get our voice up I'll try to implement it as soon as I can :)
lol, I wish I can :eek:hno: I can block them but then WHY? they're just watching what we say. so If I was egypt69 support you guys they'll invite you with them :smug: It's all under my power now :smug::smug:
Then block them, we don't to be affiliated with retarded extremists.
It is not about getting affliated but simply remove them so our idea doesn't get stoled by some retards.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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