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Tower of the year

  • 05 - KAWASAKI - Park City Musashi-Kosugi The Garden - 179m

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  • 07 - NAGOYA - Grand Maison Misonoza Tower - 160m

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  • 08 - TOKYO - Otemachi Park Building - 150m

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  • 09 - TOKYO - Brillia Towers Meguro A & B - 145m & 135m

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  • 10 - OSAKA - Branz Tower Midosuji Honmachi - 134m

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  • 11 - KOBE - Sun City Tower Kobe - 132m

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  • 12 - TOKYO - Park City Chuo Minato The Tower - 132m

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  • 17 - TOKYO - Jingumae Tower Building - 115m

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  • 18 - TOKYO - Hibiya Park Front - 111m

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  • 19 - OSAKA - Branz Tower Wellith Shinsaibashi SOUTH - 106n

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SSC Japan Awards 2017 ~ Best Tower of the Year Poll ~

6647 Views 24 Replies 14 Participants Last post by  ukiyo
It's December, time for the annual SSC Japan Awards, the poll where we will decide which 100m+ tower completed in 2017 was the best of them all.

Just 21 completed towers this year, that's 1 more then the 20 in 2014, but much lower then the 40+ completed towers in some of the past 7 years I did this awards. As always the majority of the towers is completed in Tokyo with Osaka coming in 2nd. The numbers for these 2 cities are actually not that low. It's more remarkable that no towers at all were completed in cities outside the Kanto, Chubu & Kansai regions.


Total: 21

Tokyo: 11
Osaka: 5
Nagoya: 2
Kawasaki: 1
Kobe: 1
Akashi: 1

You only have 1 vote, so choose carefully. The poll will close on January 11 2017. The winner will be the tower with the most votes.

Please post your top 3 with a motivation in the thread.

Past years winners

2010, winner: OSAKA | Osaka Fukoku-Life Building | 132.5m

2011, winner: TOKYO | Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower | 195m

2012, winner: TOKYO | Ark Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower | 207m (behind the Tokyo Sky Tree that I crowned the #1 before the poll opened)

2013, winner: TOKYO | Yomiuri Newspaper Tokyo Head Office Building | 200m

2014, winner: TOKYO | Toranomon Hills | 256m

2015, winners:
NAGOYA | JP Tower Nagoya | 196m – thread
NAGOYA | Dai Nagoya Building | 175m | Com – thread

2016, winner:
TOKYO | Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower | 230m – thread
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01 | TOKYO 東京 | The Park House Nishishinjuku Tower 60 ザ・パークハウス 西新宿タワー60 | 209m | Com - thread (July 2017)

IMG_0977 by Momo1435, on Flickr

02 | TOKYO 東京 | Akasaka Intercity AIR 赤坂インターシティ AIR | 205m | Com - thread (September 2017)

IMG_2634 by Momo1435, on Flickr

03 | OSAKA 大阪 | Nakanoshima Festival Tower West 中之島フェスティバルタワー | 199m | Com - thread (April 2017)

04 | OSAKA 大阪 | The Parkhouse Nakanoshima Tower ザ・パークハウス 中之島タワー | 193m | Com - thread (October 2017)


05 | KAWASAKI 川崎 | Park City Musashi-Kosugi The Garden パークシティ武蔵小杉 ザ ガーデン | 179m | Com - thread (December 2017)

06 | NAGOYA 名古屋 | Global Gate グローバルゲート | 170m | Com - thread (March 2017)

07 | NAGOYA 名古屋 | Grand Maison Misonoza Tower グランドメゾン御園座タワー | 160m | Com - thread (December 2017)

08 | TOKYO 東京 | Otemachi Park Building 大手町パークビルディング | 150m | Com - thread (January 2017)

09 | TOKYO 東京 | Brillia Towers Meguro A & B ブリリアタワーズ目黒 | 145m & 135m | Com - thread (December 2017)

10 | OSAKA 大阪 | Branz Tower Midosuji Honmachi ブランズタワー御堂筋本町 | 134m | Com - thread (October 2017)

IMG_1599 by Momo1435, on Flickr
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11 | KOBE 神戸 | Sun City Tower Kobe サンシティタワー神戸新築工事 | 132m | Com - thread (June 2017)

12 | TOKYO 東京 | Park City Chuo Minato The Tower パークシティ中央湊 ザ タワー | 132m | Com -thread (November 2017)

13 | TOKYO 東京 | MEGURO CENTRAL SQUARE | 126m | Com - thread (November 2017)

IMG_1036 by Momo1435, on Flickr

14 | AKASHI 明石 | Proud Tower Akashi プラウドタワー明石 | 125m | Com - thread (January 2017)

15 | TOKYO 東京 | Ueno Frontier Tower 上野フロンティアタワー | 120m | Com - thread (October 2017)

IMG_9105 by Momo1435, on Flickr

16 | OSAKA 大阪 | K-OPTI.COM BLDG ケイ・オプティコムビル | 116m | Com - thread (September 2017)

17 | TOKYO 東京 | Jingumae Tower Building 神宮前タワービルディング | 115m | Com - thread (September 2017)

IMG_8108 by Momo1435, on Flickr

18 | TOKYO 東京 | Hibiya Park Front 日比谷パークフロント | 111m | Com - thread (May 2017)

IMG_9672 by Momo1435, on Flickr

19 | OSAKA 大阪 | Branz Tower Wellith Shinsaibashi SOUTH ブランズタワー・ウェリス心斎橋SOUTH | 106m | Com - thread (November 2017)

20 | TOKYO 東京 | Avex Group New Head Office Building エイベックス新本社ビル | 103m | Com - thread (October 2017)
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02 Akasaka Intercity
04 The Parkhouse Nakanoshima Tower
06 Global Gate

I like the Nakanoshima Festival Tower West too but not its ground level. All look plain and smart, as usual in Japan.
03 中之島 festival tower here. Elegant shape, I like that. But I didnt know it was finished in 2017 … Whatever. ^.^

The 赤坂 intercity air is also fantastic, except the „backside“. Nearly all of the rest I dont like with all those balkonies or because of the normal „squareness“ …
Akasaka Intercity AIR takes the cake. Quite frankly, the picture doesn't do it justice. Park City Chuo Minato The Tower and Nakanoshima Festival Tower West as honorable mentions follow.

Avex Group New Head Office Building for the Wall of Shame when you consider what it was supposed to look like from the renders.
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1)Akasaka Intercity Air is gorgeous and genuinely unique looking. Lithe but also still feels really imposing, even in comparison to its peers in Akasaka. It doesn't even need the addendum "by Japanese standards" tacked onto that. I'd think it's just as handsome if it were in any other city. Wish I could have seen the landscaping before I left, hopefully that turns out as well.
2) Nakanoshima Festival Tower West is an easy runner up. Though I prefer it's counterpart, I like that it matches the adjacent tower. Curved edges yes please.
3) Nagoya Global Gate. Standard but handsome. I like it.

I'll agree with RegentHouse, Avex headquarters for biggest letdown.
I nominate that Ueno Matsuzakaya Tower for most unconscionably hideous building. Design that bad should be illegal.
And Jingumae Building gets first for "Most Oblivious of its Context".
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I really love Akasaka Intercity Air, amazing design and exterior. However, Nakanoshima Festival Tower wins by a nose as I love its square-ish design along with the vertical lines of the cladding. I also really like Global Gate in Nagoya. Hibiya Park Front also has an excellent design but its far too short.
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03 中之島 festival tower here. Elegant shape, I like that. But I didnt know it was finished in 2017 … Whatever. ^.^

The 赤坂 intercity air is also fantastic, except the „backside“. Nearly all of the rest I dont like with all those balkonies or because of the normal „squareness“ …
I voted 3 before reading the comments. surprised many thought the same way

but over all not really feeling this year`s towers
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I really like global gate, akasaka air looks like a solid block when viewed at certain angles.. very flawed design. Anyways good work with putting this together again.
Osaka’s nakanoshima. Totally not biased....I promise ;)
And Jingumae Building gets first for "Most Oblivious of its Context".
Well it was first proposed in 2004 with controversy over that exactly contention, which is why it took so long to be constructed.

I really like global gate, akasaka air looks like a solid block when viewed at certain angles.. very flawed design. Anyways good work with putting this together again.
LOL and Global Gate isn't a solid block in its entirety? Akasaka Intercity AIR's picture is extremely biased, and it has some nice curves. The same with Nakanoshima Festival Tower West, but I'm biased over it replacing The Asahi Shimbun's historic headquarters from the early Showa period, and fact the base was changed over a top hotel component, making it somewhat inconsistent with its sister tower across the street.
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Well, these white flaps? on both buildings are horrible.. if you like this fine.. I don't.. its just over done. It should be just a minor design element, not sticking out like this. I didn't realize global gate was as bad until I checked the thread. Overall, not the best selection in my opinion, and I mean the whole list.
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It's always a difficult choice. I think that above all, the best project is the GLOBAL GATE in Nagoya. Not only the big tower, the small twin too. Also, how it looks from the distance:

Hope Nagoya will continuing making a nice skyline with more +200 or even +300 skyscrapers.

Nakanoshima Festival Tower West follows my top. Overall a nice twin towers with different base. Now, there are some parking lots in west Nakanoshima ready to build up a nice supertall :D

Finnaly, the Akasaka Intercity AIR. I saw from the street last July. I think it's pretty depending on where you look at it.

Happy 2018!
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1st choice - Tokyo Akasaka Intercity Air, 2nd would be The Parkhouse Nakanoshima Tower in Osaka.
None of these designs looks inspiring to me, sorry. :(
And not one classical design between them, too bad... I think Japan can do better. Much better!
^^ Well, erbse, Nihon is a different place than New York. ;P Yeah, some really boring buildings finished in 2017, but some are really great and would make our Berlin a much more interesting town than it is now. ;) Nakanoshima Festival Tower(s) or Akasaka Intercity Air would be awesome if they would be standing in Berlin (Europaviertel for example) now!
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NYC is in a league of its own when it comes to classical skyscrapers.

Also, I agree with d.henney some of these towers superimposed in Berlin would look fantastic, especially in place of that ugly excuse of a tower called Upper West.
Akasaka Air sticks out this year. It's iconic, elegant yet imposing, and well proportioned. I love the landscaping and all the space freed up at ground level for greenery. It's a true "vertical garden city" project.

Second place would be Parkhouse Nishi-Shinjuku Tower because of its simplicity and the sheer impression of height, and third Parkhouse Nakanoshima Tower, which is pretty generic but still elegant.

I think that Nakanoshima Festival Tower looks fat and that it won't be so memorable in the future. Nice curves but would be much better if it slimed a bit. Something you might not say to your wife.

Worst tower is definitely Ueno Frontier Tower. A stack of blank boxes.
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Very tricky decision this year, but I voted for Nakanoshima Festival Tower West. While it would have benefited from being 50m taller, I like the form, the height, and the location of the tower. I like the level of density it brings to the river along with it's twin next door. Really completes the area, compliments the river, and acts as an imposing guardian to Umeda and beyond.

Akasaka Intercity Air was a close 2nd for me. The scale is enormous, the complex impressive. A fine addition to the area. I agree with Regenthouse (shock, horror!!) that the picture chosen for this tower doesn't do it justice.

Otemachi Park Building comes in third for me. Not sure why exactly, I just quite like it. Branz Tower Wellith Shinsaibashi SOUTH is the best of the residential towers this year, in my opinion.

Worst building of the year is a tie: the horrendous Sun City Tower Kobe, and the atrocious Ueno Frontier Tower. Both are seriously lacking - top six floors of the Sun Tower are so out of keeping with the rest of the design. And the window-less elements of the Ueno Frontier Tower really are really terrible.

2017 perhaps not a classic year for 'scrapers in Japan, but another good competition nonetheless. Thanks as always to Momo for organising!
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