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SSC Qatar Forum Rules (all New Members read!)

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The Qatar Fourm Rules​

1. Debate/Discuss with a fellow forumer with respect and good ethics. No hateful messages. This includes things such as racism, sexism, xenophobia, religious bashing, open support of terrorism, homophobia, ultra nationalism or provincialism. If you generally have a problem with an entire group of people because of their nationality, religion, race or sexuality, that is your problem.

2. No posting intentionally inciting comments! Personal attacks, Trolling, Flaming, overt negativity, baiting, etc. This rule is especially applicable to forumers or trolls who hijack a thread, basically just to bash the topic or participants of the thread/local forum. This also applies to forumers who persistently engage in posting news articles with an agenda.

3. No Spamming. No deliberate repeated posts or duplicate threads. Duplicate threads will be merged/removed.

4. Remember that this forum is mostly about projects, skyscrapers, buildings, infrastructure and urbanization.

5. Try sticking to the concept of including the location in the title when creating projects or photo threads.

6. Discussions about religion are off limits.

7. Discussions about politics are ok as long it does not touch religious/ethnic issues and rule 1 is followed.
Such discussions are only allowed in the Sky Leewan threads. Don't politicize other threads.

8. You are responsible for what you post, use your common sense! Strictly NO advertising!!

9. If you are new to the forum, familiarize yourself with the sub forums for a few days by going through old posts/topics.

10. Multiple accounts are forbidden, if caught both accounts will be banned.

11. Extremist or racist literature of any nature from any group is not tolerated and will be deleted!

12. If a forumer is misbehaving, Either report it to the moderators or use the 'Report Bad Post' option and the situation will be handled.

13. Only English and Arabic are allowed, if you write something in another language then you are obliged to translate it to English or Arabic .

14. If a thread goes wrong because of trolling, flaming etc. There is no guarantee It'll be cleaned up. Instead the whole thread might just be deleted without mercy.

15. If a thread has been closed and you disagree with it, use private message. Don't ask about it in other threads.

Violating any of these rules may result in deleted material.

If you'll continue failing to comply with forum rules, you will be first brigged, then banned permanently. Serious violation of rules will lead to an immediate banning.
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