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One of Scotland's biggest shopping centres is to undergo a major redevelopment costing £100m.
The proposals to develop the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow will increase the size of the glass complex by one third and redevelop the surrounding area.
The work is expected to create up to 1,500 jobs.
A planning application has been lodged with Glasgow City Council and work is expected to start in the autumn and take three years.
The east end of the centre will house a cinema, nightclub, bars and restaurants.
A large screen will sit in St Enoch Square as part of the redevelopment.
Stronger city centre
The proposal will expand leisure and retail space from 750,000 square feet to one million square feet and refurbish the existing mall.
The plan was unveiled by joint owners The Mills and Ivanhoe Cambridge.
Burgin Dossett, of The Mills, said: "We have been formulating a redevelopment strategy that would enhance the productivity of the centre and re-establish St Enoch Centre as the dominant retail and leisure anchor for Glasgow's city centre.
"We believe the plans will accomplish that goal and make a major contribution to the wider regeneration of the city."
Claude Dion, of Ivanhoe Cambridge, said: "We are confident that this investment will enhance the centre's position in the market and stimulate economic growth in Glasgow."
Susan Nicol, general manager of the St Enoch Centre, added: "Our overriding objective is to make the city centre stronger."

Source: Source: BBC
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Praise be. It needs something done.
The picture most likely to send me into a rage is one of the old St Enoch Station, when I look at what we have now.. Grr..
oh dear

Jesus f*cking christ!
Man does this make me furious.... truly, truly awful!!

Yes the square does need a clearly defined edge where the glass tent currently sits but it certainly does not need any more building encroaching on the public space. It definitely does not need the corners of the square to be chamfered off to make the space even less well defined!

St Enoch's is a formal rectilinear SQUARE which currently terminates the formal axis of Buchanan St. It could and should be equal in stature to Buchanan St and the St Enoch Centre has prevented this happening to date…. these proposals will simply exacerbate the situation. It is and should not be an ill defined hexagonal space.

This stinks of a developer trying to gain additional floor areas from publicly owned, public realm space.
I for one will be writing a very angry letter of objection and will be urging others to do so too.

From the image shown the design is also very clumsy and ill considered design that will do nothing to compliment the grandeur of one of the best streets in the world.... average might be an overstatement!

....just to repeat what i said on the glasgow latest thread
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so now the st,enoch centre is going to be even bigger,and just up the road from it we have the buchannan galleries,princes mall,and then there,s braehead, and now the silverburn shopping complex at pollok which i hear will have ten thousand car parking spaces !! is there really such enormous demand out there for so many of these bloody characterless retail eyesores ?
£100 million WTF??

The most prudent thing to do would be to flatten that oversized Coldframe and reinstate it as a major Glasgow station connecting all mainline destinations in Scotland and England and beyond.
This would also justify projects like Crossrail and the Glasgow Airport Link. Ah the possibilities.

Alas! this won't happen and it'll just be a £100 million turd polishing excercise as usual.

Ask yourself this.

Q. When was the lastime you went to the St Enoch Center and purchased anything?

Last time I did was in the late 1990's (35p packet of Orbit chewing gum) and that was just to break a fiver for the King Street Carpark machine!!

St Enochs Center SUXX always has, always will.
There again the Barras and Paddy's Market are under pressure to re-locate!! :)
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This GCC Doc explains the sale of land of which you may be refering to Meagain.

And yes its atrocious that the square has to be reduced further than that to accomodate for the new entrances to an already tight space.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but GCC sold this strip of land to the then owners of St enoch centre to redevelop the eastern side of the square for the sum of 650K

Glasgow City Council
Development and Regeneration Services (Property) Sub-Committee
Report by Director of Development and Regeneration Services
Contact: John Telfer Ext: 78556
Proposed disposal.
Land at St Enoch Square, Glasgow
Purpose of Report:
To seek the Sub-Committee’s consent to terms and conditions provisionally agreed for sale of
land at St Enoch Square to Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH.
That the Sub-Committee approves the sale of the land at St Enoch Square to Deka Immobilien
Investment GmbH for the sum of £650,000 and subject to the other main terms and conditions
provisionally agreed and detailed in this Report.

I guess this previous proposal by the then owners is now defunct.

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It's a massive improvement on the present. I don't know to what degree it will encroach on the square, as I understand things the bulk will rise above the current steps. I can only see it improving upon the present amenity, particularly with the associated bar and outdoor cafe. Losing the Clydesdale Bank building is a good thing too IMO, eliminates that service yard and the "fin" with multimedia screen do entice you in. The image from Buchanan street illustrated it better. It's also heartening to see large scale retail investment continue in the city centre after the spate of out of town developments.

My only reservation is that it lacks height, it really needs additional floors to complement the buildings across the square. Some office/residential/leisure space could and should be stacked above the retail.

Anyway good news, Selfridges take note.
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it really is atrocious that so much of st enoch square, already the poorest treated public square in the city that i can think of, is being subjected to this.

take a look at that painting in isolation. there is not one thing about it that tells you this building is in the middle of the city, in what should be one of the finest open spaces in the city.

ps - good point pgcc!

it might as well be a retail park on the edge of some shitty little trading estate, anywhere in the country.

the St enoch center is like a cancer. it takes over a region, and expands into all the little extra bits until its a huge (well, even more huge) ugly mass of malignant nastiness.

urban cheomotherapy urgently needed!
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Come on guys, you're all taking this one concept drawing far to seriously.

For a start, the final product probably won't look like that. Artist's impression's are always off the mark; the finished product will be a lot more defined and hopefully, a bit better looking too.

And St Enoch really needs this. It breathes new life into city centre shopping, which at present is in danger of falling behind Birmingham as the UK's best outside of London. As Pgcc said, when was the last time you actually used the St Enoch centre? It has fallen massively out of favour with even the most run-of-the-mill high street brands, and is losing customers every year. That's no use to us as residents of the city, or tourists coming here purely for the shopping (as sickening as that sounds, tourists are tourists...).

It's a great deal better than what we have just now, and although I agree with Gleegie that it could be taller, the cafe and media screen should be great additions to the square.

About the square. We already have one just down the street, so losing some space in this one isn't exactly a disaster. The new extension won't take up much more room anyway, and will only serve to make the square a much more inviting place to be in.

I'm all for this - a long time coming and most definitely worth it.
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The square is snipped presently by Clydesdale and the Woolworths block.

Proposal to establish the St Enoch Centre as Glasgow's primary retail centre by constructing a bold new entrance, St Enoch's Square will be transformed into an events space with large multimedia screen.
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Aha.... I see, dosen't look as bad as i first anticipated.

Thanks for that image Gleegie.

Looks as though the Radisson fins have recloned and taken a walk along Argyle street, but aye the square does need a good frontage to hide the awful 'glass tent' as refered to, i hope GCC do their utmost to amalgamate their plans for the SQ in to the developers plans it is very much needed for this important part of the city.

Sorry folks I don't see what all the outcry is about. The central part looks like its trying to create a frontage simalar to Buchannan Galleries, which although is not one of the best looking buildings in the city it reasonably well addresses Buchannan street on height and scale.
The render looking from Buchannan Street looks quite pleasant and inviting with a bit of flair. No different or worse from any other modern building being proposed at the moment. I guess it bears a slight resemblance to some GM+AD work is that what has upset you Alan?
slight resemblance, you're joking aren't you?

can't post images direct, sorry. This'll have to do
tonytowers said:
Sorry folks I don't see what all the outcry is about. The central part looks like its trying to create a frontage simalar to Buchannan Galleries, which although is not one of the best looking buildings in the city it reasonably well addresses Buchannan street on height and scale.
The render looking from Buchannan Street looks quite pleasant and inviting with a bit of flair. No different or worse from any other modern building being proposed at the moment. I guess it bears a slight resemblance to some GM+AD work is that what has upset you Alan?
the thing with the buchanan galleries, and shopping centres in general in towm is that when they close at night, huge swathes of the city become closed off. that doesnt happen with shops.

as for this example, i cant quite make out from the render, but it looks like the new fin type thing is being built on the end of the Clydesdale Bank. this would thin down the axis of buchanan street, and compete with the other RMJM stuff and the Dixon Street tower (this isnt SEs problem right enough, more a problem with control of development at the river)

also, the part that i think you are referring to that is 'trying to create a frontage simalar to Buchannan Galleries' in effect thins the square out to nothing more than a rectangle, and then you just have the street fizzling out towards the river. in effect it destroys the notion of the square as a public space and replaces it with a bit of street with a high, blank facade (ie like buchanan galleries with one or 2 wee doors and big huge display windows full of shite) that does nothing for any idea of public space.
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I must admit Bingo Bango that I agree with your point. I think the problem is that the companies that run these malls are alot more interested in the rents that they can pull in, over anything else. I think they understand on a certain level that they need to create atmosphere that draws people into their shops, this being the aesthetics and ergonomics of the building. However, is it not the case they would much rather spend as little money as possible on these factors over floor space. Therefore, little time and effort is put into researching and understanding exactly what St Enoch square and the people of Glasgow need. So instead of hiring a firm that will come up with a unique and thoughtful reaction to the squares' needs they hire a firm that is quite good at copying others work and throwing in things that are quite "fashionable" at the moment.

I think what I'd like to see on St Enoch square would be a building something like the Kulturhuset (cultural center) in Stockholm or the Pompidu Centre, Paris. A building for the people of Glasgow not one for the pockets of the big multinational companies that are likely to fill it. The Kulturhuset for example has got a library, creche, cafes, gallery space, theatre, cinema etc. over 5 floors or so. Its a very simple building which basically fronts onto a large public square one of the best aspects is its floor to ceiling windows running the entire length of the building onto the square this means there is a constant interaction between people in the square and those in the building, this acts as an advertisment to the building because people can easily see what is happening inside and the glass can advertise what exhibitions or events are on. This is what I'd like to see in St Enoch square not just more shops.

However, At the moment I think I've slightly resigned to the fact that this will never happen, considering the last St Enoch expansion onto Argyll Street. So basically at the moment I don't find this proposal too offensive except it's a shame that a more ambitious approach has not been taken.
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Anyone else think that some of these discussions are a little premature until we see some more images / plans etc? Seems to me a lot of assumptions are being made.
ad at home said:
what the F.............!
pmsl @ Alan D :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha:

What!!! it does look as if the Raddy has the patter of a wee Fins, family of twins @ St Enoch Alan D.

No ?? aw well be like that then, its supposed to be A COMPLIMENT rather than an insult BIG MAN.

Anyway Welcome back hope you had a good Hoadilay. :)
imagine you're waiting on the subway platform at Byres Road, kinda sleepy like, maybe just returned from holiday and thinking about nothing in particular. A train pulls up and through the window you can see a bloke that looks just like you, except he's got a glass eye or wig or one arm

It's a bit like that Mo.....spooky, not upsetting, just spooky. And it seems to be happening more and more.

This is where the copyright logo should be incorporated in to building designs... can building designs be copyrighted??? daft Question but i imagine individuality does/must have concerns on designers copying and ripping ideas from each other.
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