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St Martin-in-the-Fields renovation

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Work has almost finished on the renovation of this church - undoubtedly one of London's finest. For those who don't know, it stands on the north-eastern corner of Trafalgar Square. Built in 1721 by James Gibbs, its design was extremely influential in the United States, where it was copied all over the country.

I was there today and managed to get some pics. The new public area at the back is still behind hoardings, but the front façade is virtually complete. The whole thing looks wonderful - so clean and gleaming white. You can see the new steps which have been completely ripped out and replaced.

I'm not a religious person in the slightest, but I adore religious architecture, and this church (along with St Paul's) is one of my favourite buildings in London. I hope they restore more of these old buildings in the run-up to 2012.

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Great photos, and that view down Whitehall is one of my favourites, especially in early evening.
I think that is one of Ken's greatest achievements during his tenure as mayor, the pedestrianisation of Trafalgar Sq
Two reservations about this. 1) Shame that they have replaced the steps with new stone as I liked the way the old ones had worn down with countless people treading them over the centuries. 2) Not sure I like the round, sort of Classical entrance to the underground space.
A couple of recent photos of the new Parry building. I like the design and am pleased he went with a mainly glass design. I agree about the steps though Randoph.

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I think this is a fine piece of work. i have fond memories of this place. I took my wife to see the four seasons perfomed by candle light for our first date here.
They also had a cracking little buffet restaurant underground that was well priced and went to good causes.
It would make a wonderful Borders if religion dies out.
I dont think you have to wait too long for that here.
I'm not a religious person in the slightest, but I adore religious architecture, and this church (along with St Paul's) is one of my favourite buildings in London.
I'm the same Will, I've become fascinated by the old churches in London and have recently visited and photographed the 6 Hawksmoor Churches, they are without exception absolutely beautiful. I'm now starting to photograph all the Wren Churches, although that could take some time and also really keen to get to the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple in Neasden.

The restoration of St Martins is stunning, I was working just across Trafalgar Square for 6 months and loved watching the gradual unveiling as the restoration completed. There are also a row of Regency style buildings just behind it that are being spruced up as part of the little piazza, it's all going to look lovely.
Great photos Foxy. St Martin's is looking really fresh! :eek:kay:
It would make a wonderful Borders if religion dies out.
i rather snorted my sancerre out at reading that. Thanks resident grumpster, you brightened my day with that!

wonderful photos of the rejuvenated space, my only grumble being that Traf Square is a veritable cesspit of touristastic mess. Metres deep, and perhaps this space might relieve it a little.
^^A ridiculous statement if ever I read one! What the hell has deformed African bred moth apples got to do with this thread anyway? :nuts:
I'm not sure if it's associated with St Martin's but I see they are now cleaning the Charring Cross outside the station. It is quite joyous to come out of the station and see St Martin's in the morning. A cleaned up Charring Cross will only add to the view.
The Parry entrance pavillion to the crypt area is now complete. An excellent job together with the restored church and regency buildings next door - beautiful;

Great reflections in the curved glass;

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Yeah it has a nice modern and traditional feel about it at the same time. More little projects like this please!
So have they moved the homeless centre from the rear of the church crypt to the georgian buildings like they said they were going to or are they selling them as offices?
^^ There was a queue of homeless people outside the end Georgian building when I walked past a few weeks back, so it looks like they've been true to their word.

Superb project this. Modern got in to bed with Traditional and baby is the most beautifull and honest I've yet seen. Hat's off to that Parry fella.
Great job on the church: beautiful architecture, exemplary renovation, fine pictures thanks WJF. Can't understand why many of the posts concern the round glass thing next door to it.
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