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What do you think of our largest cathedral?

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St Mary's Cathedral | Sydney, Australia

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Australia's largest cathedral is Sydney's St Marys Catholic Cathedral
The lofty spires were finally added in year 2000 to complete the design. They have steel frames and were put up by russian helicopter.

length-107m (350ft)
width-40m (130ft)
roof height-30m (timber open truss)
spires-74.6m (245ft) constructed-1865-1928 (spires 2000)
4th tallest in Australia!
architect- William Wardell
material-pyrmont sandstone

soaring interior

I have a model church display in crypt with 100 largest churches in Australia

st marys


view from Sydney tower

spires being added in 2000
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how do u have sooooooooo many models of buildings, even churches. whats doing. do u make them? how much spare time do u have.
Its his job :p

Nice post cul.
The cathedral is nice but what about a great whopping twice as tall spire in the centre of it? I always thought the spire at the front could have been taken higher also.

It still appears unfinished to me.
St Marys looks great!

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Maroon Grown said:

how do u have sooooooooo many models of buildings, even churches. whats doing. do u make them? how much spare time do u have.
the church/cathedral model display took me 4 years to make/compile all in my own time, nights/weekends ect. I had to contact most cathedrals for floor plates /photos ect. cost my $1000s of bux. i havent got much spare time at all. especially with wife & 4
but all worth it. I was at a church in Miranda in 2003 and Cardinal Clancy was there and was so impressed with them he wanted them to be in the St Marys crypt thats where they are. I just love gothis architecture and its a keen intreste of mine. I also draw them and hopefully one day soon they will feature in my b00k. Im going to have drawings of tallest 50 in Australia ect. btw, St, Marys 70m/230ft spires are 4th highest in Australia. if the height is taken from eastern elevation there 77m/250ft high.

I always loved the Neo-Gothic churches of Australia and this one is no exception.
And btw congratulations for you models Culwulla,they are great :eek:kay:
Surrondings r amazing!! Cathedral's fairly nice 8/10
Its very english lookin, possibly designed by one i dont know.

But i give it a 7

1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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