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Thanks to FENOL who made it possible

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"impressive for a city so little known"

Mila sometimes you strike me as being surprisingly naive :)

"Is this the famous Imperial Library?"

Tak, but it's called now Saltykov-Shedrin Library. I actually took lessons there
on Art-Nouveau arhitecture and Russian Avant-Garde Art.
I think S.Pete needs even more colours because there a lot gray rainy
days which could be quite depressing. But some colour scheems (pinkish etc) personally irrtate me all right. As far as overornametation goes it's partially
because this particular pics have quite a few barocco buildings (which are "too much" by defenition. And also because of eclectic houses-for-rent reflecting usually not-so-great-taste of their owners. The real (and my favourite) S.Pete is in IMHO in the back streets bit far from very center. Unfortunately many of them need some serious monetary injections because of Soviet Era neglect.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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