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Some from Ohio, USA

Ohio Stadium (102,329)
The Ohio State University Buckeyes (NCAA)
Opened 1922

Cleveland Browns Stadium (73,200)
Cleveland Browns (NFL)
Opened 1999

Paul Brown Stadium (65,352)
Cincinnati Bengals (NFL)
Opened 2000

Progressive Field (43,068)
Cleveland Indians (MLB)
Opened 1994

Great American Ballpark (42,059)
Cincinnati Reds (MLB)
Opened 2003

Nippert Stadium (35,000)
University if Cincinnati Bearcats (NCAA)
Opened 1929


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Not so sure about that :lol: ... This stadium is number 2 in my all time list of horrible stadia. The unbeatable nunmber 1 remains of course Istanbul - Atatürk stadion
To me is no.1 in ugliness:lol:, hopefully not for long. I just wanted to say that from far it is not SO ugly. It is still horrible but...

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The old and the new Tivoli in Aachen

Official name of both stadia: Tivoli
Location: Aachen, Germany
Tenant: Alemannia Aachen
- old: 20.800 - 21.300 (depending on the necessary security measures)
- new: league 32.900, international 27.250
-old: 1928
-new: 2009 (first match of the next season)

Both Tivolis side by side:

in front you see the new stadium under construction and in the back the old stadium

in the snow, November 2008

The old Tivoli:

The old Tivoli in 1908:

The new Tivoli on January 29th 2009:

And what it's going to look like soon:

Pictures from:,, (see picture properties)

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Name: Stade de France
Location: Paris, France
No Tenant (National Stadium)
Capacity: 81,338
Opened: 1998 (Last renovation 2007)
Main/International Sports Events:
FIFA World Cup final: 1998
FIFA Confederations Cup Final: 2003
UEFA Champions League Final: 2000, 2006
IRB Rugby World Cup Final: 2007
IAAF World Championships in Athletics: 2003
IAAF Annual Golden League Meeting
(UEFA 5 Stars Stadium)

Name: Stade Vélodrome
Location: Marseille, France
Tenant: Olympique de Marseille
Capacity: 60,031
Opened: 1937 (Last renovation 2007)

Name: Parc des Princes
Locaton: Paris, France
Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
R.C. Paris (1932-1966, 1984-1990)
Stade Français (1945-1966)
Paris F.C. (1972-1974, 1978-1979)
National Stadium (1972-1998)
Capacity: 48,712
Opened: 1897 (Last renovation 2005)
Main/International Sports Events:
UEFA Euro Final: 1960, 1984
UEFA Champions League Final: 1956, 1975, 1981
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup Final: 1978, 1995
UEFA Cup Final: 1998
UEFA Copa Latina (Latin Cup) Final: 1952, 1955
ERC Rugby H Cup Final: 2001
(UEFA 4 Stars Stadium)

Name: Stade de Gerland
Location: Lyon, France
Tenant: Olympique Lyonnais
Capacity: 41,044
Opened: 1920 (Last renovation 2005)
Main/International Sports Events:
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup Final: 1986
(UEFA 4 Stars Stadium)

Name: Stade de La Beaujoire-Louis Fonteneau
Location: Nantes, France
Tenant: F.C. Nantes-Atlantique
Capacity: 38,285
Opened: 1984 (Last renovation 2008)

Name: Stadium Municipal
Location: Toulouse, France
Tenant: Toulouse F.C.
Capacity: 36,508
Opened: 1937 (Last renovation 2007)

Name: Stade Geoffroy Guichard
Location: Saint-Etienne, France
Tenant: A.S. Saint-Etienne
Capacity: 35,616
Opened: 1930 (last renovation 2007)

Name: Stade Jacques Chaban-Delmas
Location: Bordeaux, France
Tenant: F.C. Girondins de Bordeaux
Capacity: 34,462
Opened: 1924 (last renovation 2007)
Main/International Sports Events:
ERC Rugby H Cup Final: 1998

Name: Stade de la Mosson-Mondial 98
Location: Montpellier, France
Tenant: Montpellier Hérault S.C.
Capacity: 32,939
Opened: 1972 (Last renovation 2007)

Name: Stade de la route de Lorient
Location: Rennes, France
Tenant: Stade Rennais
Capacity: 31,127
Opened: 1912 (Last renovation 2008)

Name: Stade Saint-Symphorien
Location: Metz, France
Tenant: F.C. Metz
Capacity: 26,671
Opened: 1923 (Last renovation 2001)

Name: Stade de la Meinau
Location: Strasbourg, France
Tenant: R.C. Strasbourg
Capacity: 24,000
Opened: 1906 (Last renovation 2001)
Main/International Sports Events:
UEFA Cup Winner's Cup Final: 1988

Name: Stade Louis Dugauguez
Location: Sedan, France
Tenant: C.S. Sedan-Ardennes
Capacity: 23,189
Opened: 2000 (Last renovation 2001)

Name: Stade Auguste Delaune
Location: Reims, France
Tenant: Stade de Reims
Capacity: 22,915
Opened: 2008

Name: Stade de l'Aube
Location: Troyes, France
Tenant: E.S. Troyes-Aube-Champagne
Capacity: 21,877
Opened: 1924 (Last renovation 2004)

Name: Stade Michel d'Ornano
Location: Caen, France
Tenant: Stade Malherbe de Caen
Capacity: 21,251
Opened: 1993

Name: Stade Marcel Picot
Location: Nancy, France
Tenant: A.S. Nancy-Lorraine
Capacity: 20,087
Opened: 1926 (Last renovation 2003)

Name: Stade des Alpes
Location: Grenoble, France
Tenant: Grenoble Foot 38
Capacity: 20,068
Opened: 2008

Name: Stade Auguste Bonal
Location: Sochaux, France
Tenant: F.C. Sochaux-Montbéliard
Capacity: 20,005
Opened: 1931 (Last renovation 2000)

Name: Stade Sébastien Charléty
Location: Paris, France
Tenant: Paris F.C., Paris Université Club
Capacity: 20,000
Opened: 1939 (Last renovation 1994)

Name: Stade Ernest Wallon
Location: Toulouse, France
Tenant: Stade Toulousain (Rugby)
Capacity: 19,500
Opened: 1982 (Last renovation 2007)

Name: Stade Louis II
Location: Monaco, Monaco
A.S. Monaco
Sports Assotiations & Schools of Monaco
Capacity: 18,523
Opened: 1985 (Last Renovation 2008)
Main/International Sports Events:
UEFA SuperCup: Since 1998
IAAF Annual Super Grand Prix

Name: Stade des Costières
Location: Nîmes, France
Tenant: Nîmes Olympique
Capacity: 18,364
Opened: 1989 (Last renovation 2008)

Name: Stade de la Méditerranée
Location: Béziers, France
Tenant: A.S. Béziers (Rugby)
Capacity: 16,110
Opened: 1990 (Last renovation 2007)

Name: Stade Yves du Manoire
Location: Montpellier, France
Tenant: Montpellier Hérault Rugby Club
Capacity: 12,734
Opened: 2007

Name: Stade de la Licorne
Location: Amiens, France
Tenant: Amiens S.C.
Capacity: 12,097
Opened: 1999

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