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In this thread you will post your finished stadium/Arena design presentations. I want you to present your stadium/Arena a bit, write about it. It doesn't have to be long just the capacity, what team etc. And also if you want, you can put a download link!! If you want some tips etc how to make a presentation check out our competitions.

- Stadium/Arena must be made by you.

- You're not allowed to download a stadium/Arena from 3D warehouse and post it here, if it's not yours.

- You're allowed to post how many pics you want, But only one post per stadium/Arena.

- You can post how many stadium/arena design presentations you want, there's no limit.

- Two or more stadium/Arena presentations in one post is not allowed. So it's okay to DP, TP etc.

- The pictures can't be renders of a stadium that's still WIP.

- Don't comment in this thread if you aren't posting a stadium/Arena presentation. Like the post instead. Every comment will be deleted.

- Presentations can be made with any program you want.

- Information is not required, but please, atleast write the capacity of the stadium.

If I missed some rules, please PM me!

To help everyone out, here are some free softwares/programs if you want to edit your presentation.

GIMP - Free picture editing program (like photoshop).

Kerkythea - Free rendering software.

Thea Render - Free rendering software.

Shaderlight - Rendering software.

For those who are lazy, if you don't want to render just hide the edges ;)

To make it easier for others to find a stadium/arena, I will make a ''Page guide''.

Page 1:
''Club Brugge Stadium'' - ''ETSman'' - ''Downloadble''
"Stadio de' Medici" - "Leedsrule" - "Downloadable"
''Wishaw Park'' - ''-Izett-'' - ''-''
''Nurnberg stadium'' - ''Marseille13'' - ''-''
''Nova Kantrida'' - ''MFjones'' - ''-''
''Bilino Polje'' - ''ETSman'' - ''-''
''Freiburg Stadium'' - ''Marseille13'' - ''-''
''New Fir Park'' - ''-izett-'' - ''Downloadble''

''New Stadium for Wisła Kraków'' - ''Sempe3'' - ''-''
''MLS Stadium(?)'' - ''Marseille13'' - ''-''
''Fantasy Stadium'' - ''Patoso13'' - ''Downloadble''
''Marseille Provence Metropole Arena'' - ''Marseille13'' - ''-''[/U]

Have fun, I hope to see some nice stadiums/Arenas!


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I'll start then ! :)

Club Brugge Stadium - 21,000​

New stadium for Club Brugge KV. Club Brugge KV is a football club based in Bruges in Belgium. It was founded in 1891 and is one of the top clubs in Belgium. Its home ground is the Jan Breydel Stadium, which has a capacity of 29,472. The new stadium will have a capcity of 21,000. Stadium has Fan Shop, Parking etc.

Avaible for download

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Stadio de' Medici

Location: Florence, Italy
Use: Football
Team: AFC Florerntina
Capacity: 28 802
Distribution: Lower Tier - 16 102, Upper Tier - 11 292,
Press Seats - 78, VIP Seats - 1290, Wheelchair Spaces - 60

The Stadio de' Medici (aka Stadio Firenze) is a new stadium for ACF Fiorentina in Italy. The stadium has a distinctive design, with 4 separate sides rather than a bowl. The stadium was designed to be built for much cheaper than most stadiums, with its simple design and minimalist structure. There is a big screen in 2 of the corners, and LED advertising boards on the stands. There are 97 boxes overall, 88 have 12 seats in front, 4 have 17 seats in front and 4 have 29 seats in front. The Presidents Box has 50 seats in front, with the camera gantry in the middle. The stadium is named after the family that ruled Florence along the centuries for a long time.



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Wishaw Park

Location: Wishaw, Scotland
Use: Football
Team: Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers
Capacity: 10165

Main stand has a capacity of 642 which is all seated and all covered. The Standing Terrace in the north side has a capacity of 700, 310 of which are covered.

With the club becoming semi-professional playing their games in the Scottish league 2 the club built a second standing terrace with a capacity of 500 increasing the overall capacity to roughly 1842.

With fans watching the matches from the sides of the pitch, the club extended the main stand so it ran the three quarters of the pitch, increasing the capacity of the main stand to 802, 642 covered.

With more and more fans wanting to watch the games the club opted to build a new ‘all seated’ stand In the south. This helped seat more fans that were watching the games from the side increasing the capacity to 2,522.

With the clubs recent success in the cups, they were asked by the spfl to add floodlights so there matches could be played in the evening. With matched being sold out the club added a temporary stand in the south east increasing the capacity to 2756, 1556 seated.

The old terrace in the north was partially burned in a fire so the club built a new stand in its place identical to the one in the south adding another 520 seats.

Both the terrace and the temporary stand in the east were taken down and replaced with a 1,120 all seated stand.

With buildings behind the east stand being knocked down the club bought the land and increased the overall capacity to 4,404.

With attendances rising and the games being sold out the club extended the main stand so it ran the whole length of the pitch and added a second ‘tier’ increasing the capacity of the stadium to 6,028.

With the club entering the Scottish championship and already pushing for promotion into the premier league the club added a south east corner in which would house the away supporters. The corner added a further 338 seats.

A second tier was added in the north and a north east corner was added which increased the capacity to 7,862.

12 vip boxes were added and a third and fourth tier that overhang the main stand was added which let 10,165 people watch Wishaw Wycombe Football Club being promoted to the Scottish Premiership.

p.s sorry if this were to long:).

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Bilino Polje

Stadium is located in the city of Zenica. The new stadium will be home to NK Celik Zenica.
Stadium info:

Regular seats: 16 224
VIP & Business seats: 1418
Media seats: 312
Disabled/Wheelchair spaces: 28
Skyboxes: 22

Total capacity: 17 954

Seats on the shortside can be removed for league games


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New Stadium for Wisła Kraków

One tier all seater stadium with total capacity of 35.584.

Facade is made of white stone and forms ellipse that supports translucent roof above four stands. The main stand is the North Tribune. It holds two levels of VIP boxes, press seats, huge lobby for receptions, facilities for teams, changing rooms and restaurant, club museum and shop on the ground floor. East Tribune is home to most fanatic supporters. There is a White Star made of seats there which is a symbol and nickname of Wisła Kraków.

Stadium is located in south-east part of Cracow, Poland near the banks of river Vistula (Wisła) which team Wisła Kraków is named after.
There are two big shopping centres nearby with huge parking lots and newly open indoor sports arena. Near the stadium there is also place for training pitches.

I used marseille13's seats and Liverpudlian82's pitch with benches.

Hope you like it :)

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My new work: Fantasy stadium in a fantasy country (Millán). The name of the stadium is: Estadio Mundialista de Roma. It has got 50,000-55,000 seats. It is based in a fantasy world cup (World Cup 2002). It has got four stands: Principal stand (Blue), West stand (green), North stand (Red) and East stand (yellow).
Now some pictures:

General views:

Other views:

Finally, two aerial views:

And one video (In spanish)
Download link:
Most of the textures, and the benches from genius and gerry:
Football pitch from Joa®:
And the background image: nublado

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Marseille Provence Metropole Arena

Happy to show you a few renderings of my first arena project.
I choose the city of Marseille to hold it because they are discussing about a big arena.
Capacity is about 15.900 for handball games and about 16.900 for basketball games.


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