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Hi everybody,

Antwerp, the 2th largest city in Belgium, a city with 512 000 inhabitants, has no club that plays in the highest class.
There are plans to launch a new club which will start in 5th division.

At Antwerp "Linkeroever" a club went bankrupt, so there is a vacant site.

Competition rules:
1. 4 phases:
- 1st phase, 5th & 4th division, capacity +-1 000
- 2th phase, 3th & 2th division, capacity +- 5 000
- 3th phase, 1st division, capacity +- 15 000
- 4th phase, Champion + Champions Cup, capacity +- 30 000

2. Location:

3. Fields can be rearranged -> Minimum 1 practice field

4. It's possibly to cut a small piece of the forest.

5. Colours and name of the team are also yet to be decided. So everybody can choose their own favourite colour theme and go for it or we can agree on a colour theme. If someone wants to create a fantasy logo first, which we can all use.

6. Deadline: Sunday, 07/09/2014
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