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State College, PA Superthread

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Well in my town of State College,PA is where Penn State University is located which is one of the largest colleges in the United States

Penn State University Park Campus (Year Founded: 1855)
Enrollment 41,000+
Average GPA: 3.56
Average SAT: 1210

Freshman Other Undergrad
In-state $10,408.00 $9,374.00
Out-of-state: $20,336.00 $19,286.00

Freshman Admission Statistics
Total applicants who are accepted: 58%
Total of accepted students who enroll: 34%


Fraternities: 55
Sororities: 25
Students in fraternities: 13%
Students in sororities: 10%


#1 Party School- Playboy Magazine
#1 Party School- Baccarddi
#2 Sports School- PrincetonReview
Also one of the best Princetonreview schools and Time Magazine schools

And now the campus

360 degree views all over campus MUST SEE!!

103 Innovation Boulevard (Business)

Agricultural Engineering Building

Agricultural Sciences and Industries Building

Althouse Lab

Applied Research Laboratory

Applied Sciences Building

Armsby Building

Arts Building (Where my father works as Head of College of Arts and Architecture)

Arts Cottage
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Wait to post I have just begun

Atherton Hall (Schreyer Honors College)

Bag House
(The baghouse is so named because of the bags that are used to clean the flue gas before it exits the stack at Penn State's coal power plant next door.)

Beam Business Administration Building

Beaver Hall (Residence)

Bigler Hall (Residence)

Biomechanics Lab


Borland Lab

Boucke Building

Breazeale Nuclear Reactor (First in US or something like that)

Brumbaugh Hall (Residence)

Burrowes Building (Language)
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Business Administration Building I (Includes a mock stock exchange, they are building an impressive new MBA building but this is my fav. on campus. This is most likely where I will be going)

Business Administration Building II (Dosen't look it but it is big, it is in a forest)

CEDAR Building (Psychology)

Carnegie Building (1904) (Communications)

Carpenter Building (Arthropology)

Centre County Visitors' Center

Chambers Building (College of Education)

Chandlee Lab (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Facility)

Coal Utilization Lab

Computer Building

Cooper Hall (Residence)

Produces 225,000 gallons of ice cream, frozen sherbet and yogurt each year, 90% of which is ice cream
Many famous people have visited the Creamery, including two visits by President Clinton
Penn State's Ice Cream Short Course taught the founders of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream their craft
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Cross Hall (Residence)

Curtin Hall (Residence)

Davey Lab (Chemistry)

Deike Building (Earth Mineral Science)

Earth-Engineering Sciences Building

East Area Team Room (Lounge for athletes)

Eisenhower Auditorium (Hosts many events such as concerts, broadway plays, ect.)

Eisenhower Parking Deck

Electrical Engineering East

Engineering Units (Architecture)

Ewing Hall (Residence)
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Executive Education Center

Fenske Lab (Chemical Engineering)

Ferguson Building (Forestry)

Findlay Commons (Food Service)

Fleet Services (Transport)

Forum Building (Massive Class Room)

Frear Building (Bio)

Frear South Building (MicroBio)

Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel (Completed in 1949 and has served as a Naval hydrodynamic facility for torpedoes)

Geary Hall (Residence)

Grange Building
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my mom and my dad and my cousin and now my brother all are going to or went to Pennstate. I have been here many many many many times.(I do not plan on going there fact when i can, i plan on getting as far away from Pennsylvania as a can :)) State College is a neat tricky little college city. It's very fun place, but honestly the campus realy aint nothing special boring buildings that make me sick to my stomach.

Greenberg Building (Ice Rink)

HUB Parking Deck

Haller Hall (Residence)

Hallowell Building (Bioengineering)

Hamilton Hall (Residence)

Hammond Building (College of Engineering, Department of Aerospace Engineering)

Hartranft Hall (Residence)

Hastings Hall (Residence)

Headhouse I Building (Horticulture)

Health and Human Development East Building (I went to daycare in this building)

Henderson Building (Health and Human Development)
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Hibbs Hall (Residence)

Hiester Hall (Residence)

Hintz Alumni Center

Holuba Hall (Indoor Football practice center)

Hosler Building (Geo-Environment)

Housing and Food Services

Hoyt Hall (Residence)

IST Building
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Irvin Hall

Johnston Commons (Food Services)

Jordan Hall (Residence)

Keller Building

Kern Building (Graduate School
Department of Economics
University Faculty Senate

Land and Water Building

Lasch Locker Room (Football Training)
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Leonhard Building

Lubert Building (Behavioral Endocrinology Laboratory)

Mateer Building (School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Recreation Management)

MBNA Career Services Building

Materials Research Lab

McAllister Building (Math) Includes a post office

McCoy Natatorium (Huge swimming complex)
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McElwain Hall (Residence)

McKean Hall (Residence)

McKee Hall (Residence)

Mitchel Building (Distance Education/World Campus, TV Studio)

Mueller Building (Bio)

Multisport Facility (Bad Pic it actually looks like Osaka Kansai airport but with a mountain in the back)

Music Building (Has some funky arcitecture but I could not find any good pics)

Nittany Aparments (Big housing complex for football players and other privledged students)

Nittany Lion Inn (Luxury Inn from 1930)

Nittany Lion Shrine
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Nittany Parking Deck

Botony Building (1887)

Old Main (The main building of the campus)

Osmond Lab (Note the waterfall wall)

Oswald Tower (Sociology)

Paterno Library (Business Library where my mother works)

Pattee Library

Patterson Building (Visual Arts, 1903)

Pavilion Theatre (1914)

Peace Garden

Penn State Conference Center Hotel

Pennypacker Hall (Residence)

Pinchot Hall (Residence)

Pollock Commons (Food Services)
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Pollock Library

Porter Hall (Residence)

Power Plant (Powers the campus with steam heat)

Reber Building (Nuclear)

Rec Hall (1927)
Home of the Penn State basketball program from 1929 until 1996
Home of Volleyball and Gymnastics

Redifer Commons (Food Services)

Research Center (Part of an odd research complex off from the main campus built in the 1960's)

Rider Building

Rider Building II (in Downtown SC)
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Ritenour Buidling (Student Services)

Ritner Hall (Residence)

Robeson Cultural Center

Sackett Building (Department Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Sarni Tennis Facility (facility includes seven lighted courts, a stadium court with seating for 1,000 fans, a team clubhouse with lockerrooms, meeting and video rooms and a racket stringing area)

Schwab Auditorium (Performing Arts)

Simmons Hall (Residence)

Syder Hall (Residence)
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Sparks Building (Liberal Arts)

Sproul Hall (Residence)

Steidle Building (Mineral Sciences)

Stone Hall (Residence)

Stuart Hall (Residence)

Outdoor Swimming Complex ( 5-, 7-, and 10-meter diving platforms

Telecom Building

Tener Hall (Residence)

Tennis Building (Haluba Hall in backround)

Thomas Building
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Thompson Hall (Residence)

Tyson Building

University Club

Valentine Turfgrass Research Center (#1 program in the world, Penn State turf is used at 99% of Americas golf courses)

Visual Arts Building

Wagner Building

Walker Building

Wartick Lab
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Watt Hall Residence)

Weaver Building

Whitmore Lab

Willard Building

NOTE I Left out many residence halls,labs, and smaller buildings
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PSU Golf Courses,West Campus, NW Downtown

Central Campus

East Campus, Sport Campus

Houserville (State College Suburb) but on the top left is the PSU Medical center

Research Park

Northeast Campus

North Campus, Begining of the northern part of State College on the left (State College Wraps around Penn State)
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