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State Company for Iron and Steel
By: Huda Farhan
Mr. Rasool Qasim Findi the company General Director clarified to MIM information bureau that the first project included production of iron pipes at a value (23) billion I.D. at (14 inch - 48 inch) sizes with (4.74 mlm - 16 mlm) thikness where the plant operates according to U.S. specifications of (API) American Petrol Institute. He showed that all machiens and equipments arrived by the suppliers German Compamny (W.K.) and the plant were operated experimentally by the company staff. while the project second stage includes Poly Etheline covered pipes where the same supplier has to provide the necessary equipments within 9 months. He added that this project includes rehabilitation of mill rolling line for producing armed iron from (0.5 inch - 32 inch) sizes at a value of (56) billion I.D. for the first stage.

dreams of Babylon rising
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some background on the plant.

Sponge Iron Plant:

The plant is specialized in producing pellets of sponge iron (DRI) in special reactors in which the iron ore pellets (imported) are reduced with the help of reducing gas . The technology is based on the wellknown old technology (HYL1). The plant consists of the following main items:

A-Big Unit: consist of two modules each of four reactors with all its associated equipment’s .The total capacity is 750000 ton/year.

B- Small Unit: It is also of two modules with services .The total capacity is 400000 ton/year to .

1.15M tonnes/year of sponge iron.

Steel making plant:

The plant is specialized in producing steel billets of sequare sections size 80,100, 120, 150 mm with 6-m length of medium carbon steel and is designed for a production of 400000 ton/year. The plant utilizes (as metallic charge) scrap and DRI in different proportions ranging from 0-80 % DRI. The plant consists of :

A-Melt shop: comprising four electric arc furnaces, 3 –phase, 70 ton capacity liquid steel of the type (JT70), each furnace is equipped with a 35 MVA transformer. In the original design all the furnaces were conventional refractory types, and in 1994, two of them have been modified to water cooled panels and roof.

B-Casting shop: comprise two casters type concast with six strands and five meters radius, open nozzle type and simple control system. In 1994, turret system had been added with higher-level control system.

C- Lime Kiln: comprise two shaft furnaces for lime production using domestic limestone in a capacity of 90000 ton / year to be utilized by the steel making and water treatment. The plant includes also some storage bunkers and conveyors.

D-Scrap preparing section: specialized in sorting and cutting of scraps (coming to the company from domestic sources) to be usable by the furnaces, comprising a lot of presses, cutters, manual cutting equipment’s and car shredder.

E- The plant includes some other section like refractory building, electrical and mechanical maintenance and others.

Rolling shop:

In this plant, all the billets received from melt shop are rolled to the required products after being heated upto the forming temperature of 1100-1200 C. the designed capacity of the plant is 400000 ton / year. The plant consist of two main lines:

A-Rebar section line: This line produces mainly rebars, both deformed and round type in addition to some other small sections with a yearly production of 240000 ton/year and as follows :

Dia. 12-----32 mm

Deformed – bar

Dia 12------ 32 mm

Round – bar

Size 20----- 50 mm

Equi-Angle section

Size 25*6 -------50*5

Strip– section

Size 10 , 12 , 16 mm

Square bar –section

Size 40 * 20 mm

U – channel

The line comprises the main following equipments:

-Reheating furnace of 60 ton / hr capacity working with natural gas (walking beam type).

-One tray – stand with related equipments.

-Two set of dual stands (roughing and finishing stands).

-Cooling bed of 95-m length with related equipments.

-Cold saw to cut the product to required length with equipment for straitening, collecting and weighing.

B-Medium section line: This line produces different sections with a capacity of 160000 ton / year and as follows:

Size 100 ,120 ,140 , 160 mm

I – beam

Size 80 , 100 , 120 , 140 , 160 mm

U – channel

Size 80*8,80*10, 70*6 ,60*6 mm

Equi – angle

The line comprises the followings:

-Reheating furnace of 40 ton / hr capacity working with natural gas (walking beam type).

-Three Trio- stands with related equipments.

-One finishing Dual stand.

-Cooling bed of 70-m length with related equipments.

-Cold saw to cut the product to required lengths with straitening and weighing equipment.

C- The shop include some other workshops:

*Lath shop in which all preparation and lathing works are done for rolls and stands.

*Work shop for preparing of equipments and tools for production.

*Hydraulical and mechanical workshop.

*Electrical work shop.

Engineering Utilities department:

This section is responsible for supplying all media’s and utilities for the company (production and others) and include mainly the followings:

A-Electrical station: To supply the electrical power to the whole plant and comprises the 132 KV electrical grid, High power transformers of 2×60 MVA for the electric arc furnaces and 3× 25 MVA transformers for other services and all the control system and anti-flickering equipment.

B-Water treatment plant: To supply all industrial and soft water for production aggregates and other services, it comprise cooling towers, pumps, softening units, piping and heat exchangers.

C-Oxygen plant: To supply pure oxygen for electric arc furnaces, casters and scrap cutting equipment .It produces also Argon gas for liquid metal purging.

E-Air compressors: To supply compressed air for production units, control system and cleaning.

and finally the new unit.

Spirally welded pipe plant:

The plant is located in Um-Qaser City near to the port. The plant produces spirally welded pipes in diameters ranging from 12 – 48 inches in accordance to API that is used for transmission of petroleum and its products, transmission of water and for other construction work. The plant design capacity is90000 ton / year,

-The plant was erected in 1973 with two welding machines of Spanish made to produce pipes of 12-48 inch diameters according to API.

-Third machine was added in 1985 to produce pipes with diameters 16-48 by German Company (Hoesch)

-A coating plant have been added in 1990 with polyethylene coating for pipes of diameters 16-48 inch by the the same German company including:

*Epoxy powder

*Binding material

*Polyethylene material (P.E) in width of 1.5-4 mm

And in addition there was a contract to make a complete extension and upgrading of machine 3 that had been erected in 1985 to be of TWO STEP method instead of conventional method. This contract was not commenced at that time because of the sanctions.

This extension works will start no later than second half of 2005 and will raise the overall capacity upto 150000 –200000 ton /year.

-The plant includes also some utilities like oxygen plant, CO2 plant Soft water plant and air compressors.


The company strictly obeys the international standers and uses all the necessary tools and equipment to do so for its production and raw materials and others:

Rebars ASTM A615

Sections DIN 17100

Spirally welded pipes API 5L

Pipe coating DIN 30670
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processing that steel... the al sumood heavy engineering company in baghdad.

Al Sumood State Company
TEXT - | TEXT + | PRINT You Are In: Home > News > Al Sumood State Company
Al Sumood State Company. One of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals State Companies continuous implementing its contracts with State Institutions and private sector in addition to performs other contracts through August, 2010. Mr. Ahmed Rehaan the company Acting General Director clarified to MIM information bureau that the company continuous performing its contract with Gas Filling Company to supply with (300) tons of (1250*2500*2.5) m plates at a value of (300) million I.D. and also a contrac to manufacture giant Clocks for the benefit of Baghdad Municipality at a value of (96) million I.D. in addition to its contract with State Directorate for Al Sadr Power Distribution to manufacture and supply (1500) poles at a value of (750) million I.D.. He added that the company also continuous implementing its contracts such as a contract to manufacture and supply Ministry of Interior / Contracts Directorates with (196) (3*10)m caravans and a contract to establish (18*50) m Jam loons for the benefit of Al Tahadi State Company in addition to a contract to rehabilitate and install tower cranes for the benefit of Hamo Rabi Constructive Contracts Company. Mr. Rehaan Referred that the company implemented through August, 2010 with Al Faris State Company to install (10) tons tower crane and a contract with Nasir State Company to manufcture and install (2.5) tons tower crane and also a contract with Shams Al Sura and Al Aalm Al Arabi companies to galvanize iron parts and manufacture and install poles in addition to a contract with Ministry of Interior to manufacture and install (30) fuel tanks at (25) thousand capacity. He also announced other contracts to be concluded such as a contract to establish rest house at Al Burgisya complex and establishing store jam loon and (10) tons tower crane for the benefit of Al Hafr Iraqi Company and other contract to manufacture (32) tons tower crane for the benefit of State Company for Heavy Engineering Equipments and also implementing iron Jam loon for the benefit of State Company for Electric Industries and another contract to manufacture and supply (10) tower cranes to Al Hamid Contracts Company and other contract with State Directorate for Power Transition to manufacture 10 towers for power transitions.
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