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Stats: Malaysia, Taiwan Top Destinations for Local Food

by Newsdesk | Jun 6, 2018 9:54am

Ipoh, Malaysia, and Kaohsiung, Taiwan, are among the top destinations for travelers looking for great local food, according to a new study from

According to’s analysis of data from over 50,000 global travelers, six in 10 travelers (61%) pick a destination for great food or drink. More than a third (34%) of travelers, rising to 40% of Millennials, plan to take a food trip in 2018.

Almost half (49%) of travelers hope to be more adventurous with the type of cuisine they eat, rising to 60% of Millennials. One way to achieve this is to sample local delicacies whilst traveling. Almost two thirds (64%) of travelers will try to eat more local food in 2018.

Here are the top destinations for local food from the report:

1. Ipoh, Malaysia
2. Kaohsiung, Taiwan
3. Nagoya, Japan
4. Johor Bahru, Malaysia
5. João Pessoa, Brazil
6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
7. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
8. Colmar, France
9. Lima, Peru
10. Catania, Italy

More than half of travelers (54%) want to experience unique dining experiences when traveling. Food trucks are one popular way to do this, so also rounded up the top destinations for food trucks:

1. Portland, USA
2. Sao Paulo, Brazil
3. Seoul, South Korea
4. Bangkok, Thailand
5. Istanbul, Turkey

Over half (51%) of global travelers are likely to seek out local street food markets this year, which is another popular way to try local food. Here are the top destinations for street food:

1. Jeonju, South Korea
2. Hsinchu City, Taiwan
3. Marrakech, Morocco
4. New York City, USA
5. Mexico City, Mexico

Social media is filled with photographs that show off traveling and foodie adventures. Beautiful, bright and unusual foods are the perfect way to fill your feed and offer an opportunity to show off local food finds. Nearly a third of travelers (31%) plan to take more food pictures this year. This is most popular amongst Asian travelers from China (65%), India (57%), Thailand (53%), Indonesia (50%) and Hong Kong (48%).

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