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These are pictures of a neighborhood called the DC Ranch, in north Scottsdale (NE of Phoenix), Arizona, close to my apartment. It consists of 2 parts, commercial and residential, separated by a community center/park. The residential area has both houses and condos, while the commercial has stores, restaurants, and offices. The commercial area is designed to resemble the Old West cowboy town, or the reinterpretation thereof, while the residentials are somewhat typical upscale real estate Arizona Sonora desert style, as you can see in the use of stucco exterior and clay tile roof.

When I went to visit this neighborhood, I thought the place eerily resembles Stepford Town from that Nicole Kidman movie Stepford Wives. Not that it looks like it, Stepford (imaginary) is in Connecticut while Scottsdale (really exists) is in Arizona, but everything is so "designed and perfect". As a matter of fact, I think it is so perfect it's just somehow unreal, or surreal. That's why there are a lot of complaints about the city, about the people being snotty and stuckup and what have you. What's funny is that not long ago there was an article on MSN that listed Scottsdale as the 7th most depressing city in the US. I guess all the money in the world can't buy you happiness.

The Commercial

The Residential

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