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Steveston Village is in the SW of the Vancouver Suburb of Richmond, its where the south arm of the fraser river meets the Georgia Strait (ocean)

it's been gradually getting better over the years - a lot of empty lots and former industrial yards/sites have been filled in with a mix of apartment condos, townhouses and houses, bringing more shops and residents etc to the village - its a nice place to take a stroll

its an old fishing village with some canneries, i don't think there are any operating canneries anymore though and an old Japanese settlement of which there are a few remains, now its just home to whats left of fishing boats and home to whale tours and a nice area to live and feel away from the rest of the city

it has often been used in movies and TV shows as well

all pics taken today (may 9) by me

garages behind the houses


this place has some of the best fish and chips in the city - weekends the line ups are insane

this building is being demolished - i am guessing it will be retail with residential above

this crazy bike was riding aroudn the village for the afternoon

some garden statues at a shop


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Extremely North American, bit I like. I like the wooden condos/apartment buildings. :)
That reminds me of a friend who came to visit here from England, and wondered out loud why did all the cars look so North American? I told him it was the same reason that cars in Europe looked so European. :lol:
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