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Story Bridge flagged by a Roman

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:sleepy: Finally I have found it, I seen this guy the other day with his AS Roma (Italian football team) banner and he hung it on top of the Story Bridge

The banner seems to mean that he is a long way away from his Roma fans in Italy... Never Single it means.
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Looks so small next to the bridge! Whatever happened to the Australian flags on the bridge? I drove over it the other night expecting to see huge flags at either side - but alas they were not there unless I am going blind.
That Emirates building is a killer - wish it were twice as tall.
What was the date and time that this happened?

Didn't see it otherwise I would have taken a photo.

It was a couple of days ago that this happened.
A couple of days ago, huh, shows how far people go for soccer, any sport for that matter.
As a Roma fan that is fucking magic and to think off the Storey Bridge in Brisbane. I have to send that pic to my cousin in Rome. I wish I was there to see it - It brings a tear to my eye.............. FORZA ROMA
Hey Nerazzuri, you have to post this in the Italian forums !!
lol. ill post a link there to this thread.

lol @ u NCC, are u italian?
NCC1701D said:
Hey Nerazzuri, you have to post this in the Italian forums !!
If Malt hasn't already posted a link I will. I think there should be a fair few Giallorosso fans there. :)
i posted a thread in the Italian skybar.

But you should go in and say something in Italian.
Since i cant. And i probably made no sense trying to fit "Football Roma" and so forth into the post lol
who went up there to put that flag on?!
anyway, today at 8.30 pm in rome there will be roma-milan.. FORZA MILAN!!! :D
Malt: I was born in Australia to Italian Parents so I've been brought up with both cultures.
Nerazzurri: With a name like Nerazzurri (Black & blue) you must be a Inter Milan tifosi?
Damon Milan: Well done to Milan, 2-0 winners over Roma.
Yes I'm an Interisti, Inter Milan fan forever. :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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