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Stratford Central | Stratford | 103m | 33 fl

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This is now being marketed, so construction is expected to start on this very soon. More information to come.

Stratford Central​
London Borough of Newham​

Official Website:
Developer: Telford Homes
Total Number of Floors: 33
Total Number of Apartments: 181
Completion Date: 2017​

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look who this is being aimed at... pretty obvious. "international" quarter. casino?

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And Olympic Stadium, not West Ham football Stadium :lol:
Nice design, even if the cladding looks typical of what is being used today. Quite large too. Stratford seems to be getting a lot of towers which would be good in the Aldgate area.
The hoardings are up for this, come out of the station and turn left.
look who this is being aimed at... pretty obvious. "international" quarter. casino?
UK the difference

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Telford Homes to start 33-storey Stratford resi tower
Construction Enquirer
28 May 2014

London housing developer Telford Homes is preparing to start work n September on its Stratford Central block of flats after securing forward sales worth £70m.

Telford Homes said it had pre-sold 148 homes within four weeks following a UK-only sales launch of the project held prior to similar events overseas.

Jon Di-Stefano, chief executive of Telford Homes, illustrated how buoyant the London market has become as he reported annual pre-tax profits more than doubled to £19.2m.

He said: “London has one of the strongest and most robust property markets in the world and Telford Homes is operating in the right locations within that market where the group’s customers both want to live and can afford to live.

“Sales are being achieved at increasing prices and the group is reporting significantly higher margins and profits with considerable levels of forward sales already achieved for the year to 31 March 2015 and beyond.”

Stratford Central, or Angel Lane as the site is also known, is expected to be completed in the year to 31 March 2018. The deals mean the group has now secured forward sales four financial years ahead for the first time.

He added: “There were also a number of customers who missed out on the apartment they wanted and are now waiting to buy at subsequent Telford Homes’ launches.

Telford Homes is predominantly developing in up and coming inner London locations outside of the increasingly expensive prime central London market.

A strong presence in East London is now complemented by several new areas with the board’s strategy being to consider any site that is well connected to the heart of the city.

As well as acquiring two significant sites in Stratford to develop over 500 homes between them it now boasts sites spread across Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Islington, Lambeth, Camden, Barnet and Southwark.
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148 homes sold in four weeks. If anyone needed any evidence of why developers want to now build tall towers in London, this is a good example!
Height is 103m and it's been approved by the LLDC.
Very much under construction now (Move to the construction forum needed). Also all the links to the renders appear to be broken on the first post in the thread.

If anyone knows what the development is to the right of Stratford Central, let me know.

The red cranes off in the distance are for Chobham Manor I believe.

Stratford Central by corerising, on Flickr

Stratford Central by corerising, on Flickr

Stratford Central by corerising, on Flickr

Stratford Central by corerising, on Flickr
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I can remember passing that development that you @corerising are struggling to recall. I looked at the photo in flickr , when squinting my eyes it looks like Unite Students however it doesn't appear on thier website. Will most likely be ready for the new academic term in September.
That student block had better redeem itself with the cladding or UNITE will be the proud owners of 2 of the worst new builds in Stratford.

Whats the 4 red cranes in the background for?
lol, missedthat bit.

However isn't Chobham Manor the other side of the village?
I'm afraid I don't know the area well enough, and it got dark before I could make it over that way to find out. A couple of pics are now up though, I put a link in my previous post.
Although huge and wraps around the back of the Atheletes village I dont think Chobham manor will be visible from this spot. That must be a separate development but perhaps feeding off the success of athletes village and potential of the Chobham manor development.
Chobham Manor is well underway with piling going on for about a month now.

But yes the site in the pic is Chobham Farm.
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