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Has anyone cobbled together a render of what Stratford is going to look like once all these hundreds of residential towers are done?

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Has anyone cobbled together a render of what Stratford is going to look like once all these hundreds of residential towers are done?
Not a render , but i've produced a rough summary of projects for Stratford embed onto a google map. It is to be found previously on this thread.

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Scoping options for Olympicopolis.
Part 1
2.5.2 The UCL East development is anticipated to be delivered in two phases. Phase 1 will deliver two separate buildings, an academic building on Marshgate and a student/staff mixed use building on Pool Street West. Phase 2 will deliver further academic facilities and sui generis commercial research space.
Building footprints and heights
2.5.3 The location of new buildings within maximum parameter envelopes will be provided in the ES. The proposed development within the UCL East Site will not exceed the maximum floorspace of 180,000sqm.
2.5.4 Building heights within the UCL East Development have been carefully considered and are still being technically assessed. The masterplan has derived a general datum across the UCL East site which relates to the massing on Stratford Waterfront and legacy venues. The masterplan establishes datum maximum building heights between 47.5m
AOD (i.e. 7 storeys) and 71.5m

2.6.3 The buildings within the Stratford Waterfront Development will be built upon a podium which will be one storey higher than the waterfront level. Building heights within the Stratford Waterfront Development have been carefully considered and are still being technically assessed. The tallest buildings proposed, which are the residential towers, will be up to 44 above podium (i.e. 176.18m AOD), with other buildings ranging between six and fourteen storeys (i.e.82.5m AOD). The residential buildings are likely to include basements, either for servicing or parking.

UCL East
6.5.17 UCL East will comprise 2 development parcels. The parcel immediate to the Aquatic Centre (1.2) has a provision for tall buildings up to 18 storeys by the London Aquatic Centre. Built height has not been estimated yet for parcel 2.2 and currently the study area assumes a lower height of up to nine storeys within the area of 2.1 which will gradually increase in height toward the Aquatic Centre.
6.5.18 With reference to the potential 18 storey development, at present, this assumes a maximum built height within the Site of around 72m. Our resulting study area for UCL East would encompass a region covering up to 216m. Please note lower height buildings will have a smaller range of influence and the area defined by the tallest tower is considered to be a worst case scenario. Figure 6-2 indicates the approximate area covered within 216m of the tallest tower, assuming they may appear in parcels 1.2 and 2.2.

Pudding Mill
6.5.25 Pudding Mill will comprise 3 main development parcels and provide a mainly residential focus Building heights within the Pudding Mill Development have been carefully considered and are still being technically assessed. The majority of the buildings are proposed to be between six and nine storeys in height (i.e. 23-32m AOD) with some taller elements up to 16 storeys (i.e. 53 AOD). The two tallest buildings proposed will be up to 20-27 storeys (i.e. 69 - 86m AOD)


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Interesting comments from the guys on the Yonder E20 site.

Chobham Manor

Well just found out that Park View Mansions has been delayed 3 months. :rage:
Can't wait for the next letter saying its been delayed another 3 months. Does TW not know how to build houses?!

I live opposite the site and they've even taken everyone off the social housing building in Honour Lea Avenue to work on the other buildings. If they're delayed again they must've hit some serious snags!

TW, very good at starting buildings. Not very good at finishing them.

Can it get much slower!

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Dear all, some of have expressed some confusion about all the developments going on in and around Stratford. I have taken the liberty of annotating the drawing below to try and bring some clarity to those of you unfamiliar with the area. Sorry it's a bit crude I'm no Shard Baby. I moved to Stratford in 2000 so I've only included developments since then.

1 UCL East web site

2 Stratford Waterfront/Olympicopolis
Victoria & Albert Museum web page
Sadler's Wells web page
Smithsonian Museum web page
UCLA College of Fashion web page
2 x residential towers

3 Legatum Academy

4 Sweetwater
QEOP Sweetwater web page

5 Here East/East Wick
5a Here East
QEOP Here East web page
Timeline BT Sport web page
Loughborough London web site

5b East Wick
QEOP East Wick web page

6 Chobham Manor
Developer web site

7 Lea Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre web site

8 Pudding Mill
Crooks Road
Marshgate Wharf
River House Blaker Road (Luke Howard house)

9 Stratford City
9a East Village
Plot N08
9b Westfield
Unite Student Tower
9c TIQ The International Quater South
TIQ web site
Glasshouse Gardens
FCA Financial Conduct Authority building
TFL headquarters
9d TIQ The International Quater North including:
Manhattan Loft Gardens
Penny Brook hotel
9e Cherry Park
9f 'Snowdome' site

10 Stratford Central (and High Street) including:
Angel Lane student accommodation
Duncan House
Stratford Eye
Moxy Hotel
Stratford Halo
Stratford Plaza
Stratford Central
Stratford Centre
Stratford Riverside
Capital Towers
304-312 Stratford High Street
Worland Road
Athena Building
68-70 Stratford High Street
206-214 Stratford High Street, Three Mills West
Arcelor Mital Orbit
Park House
Duncan House
1a Lett Road
236-252 High Street Stratford
206 High Street Stratford
Empire House
Burford Wharf
Central House
Rick Roberts Way
George Hudson Tower
196 High Street, Holiday Inn Express
1-4 Park Lane Travel Lodge
6-7 Park Lane, 8 storey residential building approved
The Lock Building High Street Stratford
Warton House
Gerry Raffels Square

11 Chobham Farm
Phase 1 Prospect East
Developer web site
Phase 4 New Garden Quarter
Developer web site

12 Rick Roberts Way

13 West Ham Station and North end of Stephenson Street development
Channelsea House

14 Existing concrete works

15 Hackney Marshes web site

16 Hackney Wick
QEOP web page
LLDC web page
24-26 White Post Lane

17 Fish Island
79-85 Monier Road
4 Roach Road
60 Dace Road
Neptune Wharf
Bream Street
Iceland Wharf
McGarths site
129 Cadogan Terrace
411-415 Wick Lane

18 Strand East
Developer web site

19 Bow River Village
Developer web site

20 Olympic Stadium

21 Carpenters Estate web page

22 Proposed concrete works

23 Wick Woodland web site
A complete contrast to all the development going where you can wander through the trees not see another soul.

See also:
Olympic Park Legacy Developments
Stratford Residential Towers

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I've already created a summary of projects embedded on a GoogleMap

You're missing out the carpenters estate which is in the pre planning phase of redevelopment

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I haven't heard anything about Carpenters Estate since the UCL bid collapsed. They are still trying to move people out of the estate, you'd have thought they could have moved those left to one side of Carpenters Road whilst they develop the other and then move back to complete the other side, but that's not social cleansing.
Can you post a link to your Google maps work MrCladding, does it include all the 'arc of opportunity' from Hackney Marshes to Barkingside?
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