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Stratolaunch. Look at the size of this thing!

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Photos from Stratolaunch PR . It was sent taxiing today for the first time. It looks like all the most deranged Spamtonov fans came together with a single wishlist. :D

I'd hate to hit turbulence fully loaded in this beast.

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Elon is great, but Stratolaunch is a rapid reaction/turnaround launch vehicle and a key component in an Agile Space Strategy .....while you gotta wait months for a slot on Elons babies. :)
But why?

Elon has proved a better way.
And she flies for the first time today. Source

It is designed to rapidly deploy small satellites, very rapidly if required compared to a rocket launch. the registration is N351SL if you are looking on flightradar but it only flew once, last year.

They are preparing a hypersonic payload called the Talon but that is frightfully hush hush. :)

A 6 hour test flight in recent days. This is about the 10th test flight.

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