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My name is Vladimir Shibanov and I'm a street photographer from Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia).

I'm shure that most of you will never attend Siberia and thats why I want to show you my hometown and and people here.

Warning! This thread contains black and white photography ))) I usually use Nikon FM3a film camera with fixed manually focused lenses and black and white films. Film helps me to focus on important things and moments, not to waste time shooting and processing "ocean" of digital images. You have only 36 exposures in your film. It is like your life - you have only limited opportunities, limited time and only one attemp to stress one impostant moment. Black and white film reduces the influence of details and paints people in relief way. Manual lenses makes you to be responsible for accents of the picture. And even manual film camera helps you to be very fast- it doesn't take time to stand by - the shutter opens right the moment you push the button.

Well, let's speak about street photography itself. I interested in daily life of people and the city is only a decoration of people's emotions. But people live in this environment and I have to put them together ))) Good architecture is a good background and it helps to tune the composition of your shot very thin. Bad architecture also plays important documental role - it shows real life.

Let's start from Constructivism architecture in Novosibirsk. Constructivism architecture was a form of modern architecture that flourished in the Soviet Union in the 1920s and early 1930s. It combined advanced technology and engineering with an avowedly Communist social purpose. Although it was divided into several competing factions, the movement produced many pioneering projects and finished buildings, before falling out of favour around 1932. Its effects have been marked on later developments in architecture.

Novosibirsk Regional Government

Acid house

Novosibirsk Chemical-Technological College after Mendeleev D. I.
Chemical Polytachnical School was built in 1932, designed by architect A. Bobrov. The building is a bright example of constructivism and one of the first educational buildings constructed in first third of 20th century. The College is situated on Sacco and Vanzetti street, named in honour of Italian anarchists Ferdinando Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti.

House with clock

"House with clock" (1934) dwelling complex. It is a corridor-type building with 3 entrances, one lift, and two corridors. This type of building is quite taditional for southern buildings but in Novosibirsk it is the only one. There are personal iron-barred windows and metal doors in corridors. This is a courtyard side, without clock.Are the house and a man of the same age? Do they have the same timing?


Dwelling complex nere Novosibirk railway station (1933). Courtyard side of dining hall (kitchen-factory). This (back) part of the building looks primordial but front part of it has totally lost constructivism look.


Cobra - (Club of October Revolution) old club and new business-centre. Club of Soviet tradespeople was constructed in 1927.


Dwelling complex of cooperative Kuzbassugol' (Kuznetsky coal). The Complex was built in 1931 -1933 as a part of social programme of constructing new type of dwelling - with socializing conditions of life. The complex closely combined dwelling and service functions. Ground flours of it consisted of kindergarden, stores and service rooms. "Kuzbassugol'" six dwelling buildings, school, playgroungs.

Pensioner Arthur Badalyan. Novosibirsk constructivism "Kuzbassugol' " dwelling complex.

Aeroflot house

Now it is an office of regional civil aviation department

Central Hotel

Rear yard of Constructivism building - Central Hotel (1928). The walls of monolithic construction are covered by cork to protect the building from siberian cold.


"Pobeda" (Victory) cinema backside in Novosibirsk. One of my favourite places in Novosibirsk: the very center of the city, bright sun, new benches on basketball playground, sounds of classic music from Conservatoire's open windows....and good opportunity to chase with camera.

Electo Syndicate

State Electo Syndicate Building (1928-1929). Now first srore is destorted by new owners - "Ostrovski" restaurant.

I may also recomend you to watch street life in Russia here: Siberian Street Photographers group and Street Photography in Russia group[email protected]/

My personal account:

Wellcome to the real life!

To be continued!
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