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Suburb New Colony - Brioni | Kragujevac, Serbia

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Built 1936-1938.

A dozen years after the construction workers' Old Colony, it was necessary to build a new one.

Military Technical Institute has invested construction, but the house was not owned but held up by users through the payment otkupljavali kredita.Zato the new colony designed as a village with its own house.Pet veličinskih types - according to economic strength and mass family.Tipski project construction .
Designer of a new colony was Professor Michael Radovanović.Arhitekt Paris school.

On rough terrain has deployed a village of about 250 families.

Gentle curved street.Sa square in the center of gravity and stress on the access street.

The new colony was projected on the best principles of European and American suburbs.

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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