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Suburbia (fast broadband only)

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I was in Perth in Decemember and took some photos of the northern coastal suburbs. It is the ultimate example of urban spraw, and every time I go there it keeps on expanding.

End of the road
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they are some pretty nice burbs. whats the deal with all those stair cases up to those blocks in the 2nd last photo.
Wow!! Great shots :eek2:

It is amazing an terrible at the same time - like looking at an 8 lane freeway crowded with traffic, you know bad but good.

I have a Perth UBD - what suburbs are they?
Maroon Grown said:
they are some pretty nice burbs. whats the deal with all those stair cases up to those blocks in the 2nd last photo.
Thats where they build a house pad ready for building - they do it on the Gold Coast all the time. Check out Pacific Pines if your ever in the area its very similar.

I don't have a UBD with me back in Sydney. But I went to the Transperth site and downloaded a big rail map.

The large water frontage houses are in a bay area just south Mindarnie (or it might be actually called that). It is exactly west of Clarkson, the last station on the Joondalup rail line.

The new and under construction areas would have been around Quin Rocks.

While the older looking more establish houses would have been Ocean Reef or Burns etc
they're not shitting you when they say Perth's built on sand.

ralf! :puke:
The Suburb is Mindarie. The Marina is Mindarie Keys. It is not a canal suburb. Just, one marina and a few houses around it. About 3 km inland is Clarkson, part of which is just another sprawling suburb. The further inland bit, close to the Mitchell Freeway, is where Clarkson Railway Station is - The last station on the Northern Suburbs Line. It's 32 min to the CBD with trains running every 10 min during peak hour. And around Clarkson is a new 'transit-oriented development' - a suburb where the focus is on the train station and feeder bus routes, pedestrian and cycling pathways, with a mixed use town centre with shops and community facilities no more than 10 min walk from most dwellings. So it's not all doom and gloom. But Wanneroo Council seem to be pretty bad at planning. The other suburbs are pretty shocking.
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the plauge is coming ;)
Brilliant photography. Really gives the feel of the suburbs well. Thankyou for posting such excellent shots. :)

That suburb isn't that bad, the developer actually bother including access laneways to reduce the number of houses that have the garage on the main frontage.
Near the bottom in the newish area your shots are taken from up high. Is that from a towaer and where the hell is that tower? I can't find it in the 2001 UBD Perth Street Directory or on What's the name of the new estate with all the straight roads and access laneways behind houses?

BEAUTIFUL!!! I found it, most of the new and deveoping shots are in Butler am I right?

This shot is looking due south along Covington Prom and I right?
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I've just found a concept report about the development at Butler.
very very nice, almost exactly the same thing as ellenbrook, on the very other side of this suburb comapred to the city, but ellenbrook is just way way bigger, lol perth metro is just getting bigger and bigger, instead of filling the space we already have with medium-high density living like subiaco .. very nice pics btw, thanx.
Down Under have a look at the pdf I linked. Butler is gonna be huge! :O
^ i did, it just shows a red cross for me :( .. and yeh i know that, but u have no idea of the scale of ellenbrook, its so huge it has to make its own little mini-suburbs, i go there every now and then to visit mom, and i never have a clue which part she's in, f u have a recent ( it's been developing since at least 2000 now, and it still is expanding so not even the most current street directory can show u ) street directory and check it ..
Ellenbrook is pretty big but I recon that Butler/Jindallee is gonna be bigger. Have you tried right click save as for the pdf? It's 1.8MB total.
AH, good old WA. Raising the bar in Australian Urban Planning. :)

It's great how they implemented some of the New Urbanist Principles. Eg. rear access, provision for studios/granny flats (apparently referred to as Fonzie Flats by Joondalup Council Planners :D). But IMO, these suburbs still aren't packing in enough. They're all still single storey detached dwellings! Make 'em two storey, then we could halve the block size.
Ipggi said:
Is that the CBD way off on the horizon? I think I can see some towers. How far is that?
Ipggi said:
^^talk about blue-green algae, or is it just that colour naturally?
While sprawling and not very dense, those suburbs look fairly new and upscale. Am I right? About how much would ya'll say those homes cost? All in all, they aren't that bad looking, remind me of California, and I would live in one of those homes on the ocean in a heartbeat! :)
BrizzyChris said:
Is that the CBD way off on the horizon? I think I can see some towers. How far is that?
nope, thats looking the very opposite way, thats looking towards the end of life lol, the very last bit of perth metro ( queens rocks i belive that is)
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