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the elections will take place next year by april not sure of the date....

so I created this thread to find out people's opinions on the upcoming elections and what party they support. It will be the first time I will ever vote and I know already that I will not vote for NCP.

At the moment, in my personal opinions, all parties in sudan are stupid^^ they either speak about a full Islamic state or speak about how they hate the government of Bashir. I will not vote for such parties either.

I am looking for a party that has clear economic plans and development plans for the country. A party or independent candidate who will work for the benefit of Sudan and Sudanese. A party that will end all internal conflicts around the country and start developing the country. A party that will create good ties with all the world and rebuild Sudan's image around the world and create good ties and friendly relations with all countries including our current enemies if needed. A party that focuses on Sudan's problems rather than someone else's....

If Someone knows a party which has such plans then share it.... there are countries in this world that have went from the poorest of the poor to great developed and prosperous countries including those with far less potentials compared to Sudan and thats thanks to great leadership.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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