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Sudan Security Thread

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This thread is for discussion of Sudan's security policies.

News of Sudan's Army, police, intelligence services etc...
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Sudans army has witnessed a major development since 2014. As the US sanctions are now lifted and the country is opening up to the world, new partnerships with both Russia and the GCC have emerged.
Sudan negotiating for Su-35's , Su 30's and potentially S-300 rocket systems
During Bashirs visit to Russia a few days ago, it was announced that the country really is looking for new and modern aircraft. Bashir quoted saying “We requested Su-30 [fighters] because they cover the Sudanese airspace, as well as Su-35. We have no intentions to carry out aggression abroad, we want to protect our country,”

The Su-35's and Su-30's would be major additions to the Sudanese airforce allowing it to conduct long range missions across borders. The key aircrafts we have at the minute are Mig 29 jets of which the country operates a fair number.

It is unlikely these aircrafts would ever be used since we have good relations with most of our neighbours. However, the point is to create an armed forces that would deter others from attacking Sudan.

It was reported since March, 2017 That Sudan was negotiating for Su-35's. At that time, the air force chief was quoted saying that the planes would 'consolidate Sudan's Air defence against any threat'. .

Sudan was interested in 2013 into the 18 ex-Indian Su 30's that were on sale. However,the country had backtracked as internal pressure was on the rise economically and that many officials claimed they weren't a priority back then. 12 of those planes were given to Angola of which deliveries have started. Uganda operates 6 su 30's which gives Uganda air supremacy in its region. Ethiopia and Eritrea have a fair number of Su 27's which were proven very effective. Algeria has upto 50 or so Su 30's
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I am not advocating for war with any of our neighbours. Each and every single one of our neighbours I respect dearly including those who were once considered foes. Make love not war. But looking at the state of where the country is positioned, a strong army is needed for defence. Each of our neighbours is either part of a regional war against terrorists, has internal rebellion , tension with our other neighbour etc..

Thats without mentioning the last pockets of rebellion within Sudan. Any country in our geographic position would have also focused on developing its security. Sudan is the 3rd largest country in Africa with the 2nd longest land borders in the continent.
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Sudan took over chairmanship of CISSA after Rwandas term ended.

Impressive, but green camo in a desert environment? lmao :lol::lol::lol:
Impressive, but green camo in a desert environment? lmao :lol::lol::lol:

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