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Sukhumvit 59 Condominium | 16 Storey | Sukhumvit 59

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Name : Sukhumvit 59 Condominium
Location : Sukhumvit 59
Project Description : 16 Storey residential building w/19 residential units
Construction Start : JUne 2008
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Looks neat
I approve
Yeah that's a nice one. I thought it was an office building first.
Sukhumvit 59

There's also a construction just starting at the old garage at the entrance of Sukhumvit 59. Anyone knows what they are building? It's quite a bit plot of land.
สวยมากๆ แต่น่าจะสูงกว่านี้อีกหน่อยนึง
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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