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Hey everyone!!!

Thought I would take the time to give you guys a taste of my Chicago pictures during my massive 2013 Midwest U.S. trip,
after spending 2 wonderful days and nights in Toledo, Ohio!

Day 1, part one of this trip include various pictures from in and around downtown, the loop and views from the Willis Tower.

Inside Chicago's gorgeous grand old Union Station

Outside, looking at Union Station

I am once again greeted with the presence of the Willis Tower ahead of me, just outside of Union Station

View of the Chicago River and cityscape from the Jackson Boulevard bridge

Chicago Board of Trade Building

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Buildings on Clark Street including the Clark Adams Building in the middle, built in 1927.

Clark Adams Building again, with the Willis Tower behind it

Sculpture in Federal Plaza, called "Flamingo"

Citadel Center Building

Made to State Street and found Louis Sullivan's 1899 landmark Carson, Pirie, and Scott building

It is now a City Target store, which opened last summer.

Looking north on State Street towards the landmark Marshall Field and Company building, built 7 years prior to the Carson Pirie and Scott building, in 1892.

Entrance to the building, now a Macy's department store

The famous Chicago Theatre on State Street, built in 1921

Made to Michigan Avenue… the building on the right is the Art Deco Carbide and Carbon Building, built in 1929, it currently houses Chicago's Hard Rock Hotel

Base of Prudential Plaza

Looking up at Two Prudential Plaza, the sixth tallest building in Chicago, at 995 feet in height, built in 1990.

Looking up at Two and One Prudential Plaza

The Aon Center, third tallest building in Chicago, built in 1974 with a height of 1,136 feet.

Aon Center and the Fairmont Hotel

Looking up at the Carbide and Carbon Building again on Michigan Avenue

Looking up at the Old Republic Building, built in 1925

Looking up at the Art Deco 333 North Michigan Avenue Building, built in 1928

Looking northeast across the Chicago River from Michigan Avenue, with the NBC tower in the middle and the Sheraton Hotel on the right and the Equitable Building on the left

Hopped aboard the CTA L Orange Line train in the famous Chicago Loop originally at State/Lake station to get to the Willis Tower...

Inside the train...

Before realizing the Orange Line doesn't go all the way around. Had to stop at Adams/Wabash and wait for a Pink Line train to come…

Looking up at the Willis Tower, the tallest building in the city and the second tallest in the United States (after the topped out One World Trade Center in New York, although it hasn't opened yet)

Completed in 1974, standing 1450 feet in height to the roof and 1729 feet to the very tip of the building

Entrance to Willis Tower

Elevators to the Skydeck

Views from the 103rd floor Skydeck @ Willis Tower, this is looking southeast

311 South Wacker Drive, built in 1990

Looking west, that domed building in the middle is the United Center, home of the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team and the Chicago Bulls basketball team

Looking Northwest

Looking northeast at River North and the North Loop… with the John Hancock Center in the distance on the far left, the Trump International Tower in the middle and the Aon Center on the right...

More of River North and the North Loop

John Hancock Center in the middle… Lake Michigan in the background

Looking north towards the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Old Town, Rogers Park, Evanston, etc...

Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs

Chicago Sun-Times Building

Merchandise Mart Building

Chicago's REAL towers of power, the Wrigley Building on the left, the 35 East Wacker (aka Jewelers' Building in the middle), behind it is the Mather Tower, to the right is the Carbide and Carbon Building and 333 North Michigan Avenue

Wrigley Building in the middle, just behind it is the Tribune Tower

John Hancock Center on the left and the Trump Tower on the right...

Looking west towards Millennium Park

Millennium Park, Grant Park, and Museum Campus

Museum Campus

Looking south at U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox baseball team

An obstructed view of Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears football team

Back on surface streets

Took the loop to the CTA red line subway, this is Quincy station, the oldest station in the entire CTA L train system and the closest to the Willis Tower and Union Station in the loop

Hard Rock Cafe, where I ate lunch

The cool neon guitar

Inside the Hard Rock Cafe...

Went back to check into my hotel, caught this shot of the Trump Tower

Wrigley Building, among others...

Looking up at one Chicago's newest and most unique buildings, Aqua, designed by Chicago-based architect Jeanne Gang. At 82 storeys and 859 feet, it is the tallest building in the world designed by a female architect.

It also happens to be where my hotel is, the Radisson Blu Aqua

All the "waves" you see are uniquely designed concrete slabs on which each floor is situated...

Inside the lobby of the hotel...

Going up inside the elevators, I liked the blue lighting here...

My room… outside...

My hotel room, on the 11th floor (btw, the hotel occupies the first 18 floors of the building...

Bathroom, talk about luxury...

Views from the room, I was actually quite happy with this, on the far right you see Navy Pier and various buildings...

Looking north at Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River

Hope you enjoyed this first of a few photo tours to come!

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Here is the second part of day one of my Summer 2013 trip to the Windy City!

This part includes mostly the Chicago First Lady Architecture tour from the Chicago River.

The start of the tour, from Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive… starting with the Trump Tower and Wrigley Building

333 North Michigan Avenue

Tribune Tower

Chicago cityscape providing a canyon on the river

London Guarantee and Insurance Building and Mather Tower

Looking up at Trump International Tower

35 East Wacker aka Jewelers' Building

Marina City Towers

35 West Wacker Drive Building

77 West Wacker Drive

Waterview Tower under construction and LaSalle Wacker Building

Not sure what this building's name is and 211 West Wacker Drive

225 West Wacker Drive

The famous modern curved 333 Wacker Drive

Randolph Place Condos on the river

333 North Canal Street

Chicago Sun-Times

355 North Canal Street

Condos along the river

Kingsbury Plaza

Condo buildings in River North

700 and 720 North Larrabee Street

Historic Montgomery Ward Complex, now called The Montgomery, former headquarters of the former retail giant, Montgomery Ward

Civic Opera Building

Riverside Plaza

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Center

Looking up at the Willis Tower, where I was earlier that day...

222 West Adams Street

300 South Riverside Plaza

Willis Tower again...

311 South Wacker Drive

Historic Old Chicago Post Office, built 1921, vacant since 1997, awaiting redevelopment

The Unique 235 Van Buren Condominium Building

River City Complex

Citibank Building

Boeing Headquarters

Merchandise Mart once more…

Britannica Encyclopedia Building

Approaching Marina City again...

Base of Marina City

IBM Building

Trump Tower again...

Tribune Tower

Aqua Building, in-between two others, including the Hyatt Hotel on the right

Chicago NBC Building

Looking towards the John Hancock Building in the center

Chicago's River East Complex

Lake Point Tower

As you can tell, clouds were getting dark and rain hit us just after the trip ended….

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This part of the tour takes us through River East down to Millennium Park and then over to Hyde Park via the Metra train to the Museum of Science and Industry and then back north to Gino's East Pizzeria and then south on the Orange and Green lines to U.S. Cellular Field to take the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox ball game that evening.

Aon Center and Fairmont Hotel

Two Prudential Plaza and Aon Center

Looking back at the Aqua building, where my hotel was...

The building with the diamond-shaped roof in the newly-named Crain Communications Building aka Smurfit-MBI building. To the right is One Prudential Plaza

The most prominent feature in Millennium Park, the monument known as Cloud Gate, or as locals and others simply put it, "The Bean".

Amphitheatre in Millennium Park

Crown Fountain...

I guess the screen on this one wasn't working...

Nice sculpture park...

Took the Metra train to Hyde Park...

The Museum of Science and Industry, the largest science center in the Western Hemisphere

The building was used in the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition as the Palace of Fine Arts. It wasn't until 1933 that the museum was established


An incredible railroad model of Chicago...

All the way to Seattle, Washington!

Got to tour the landmark U-505 submarine... This submarine was built in Germany for use by the Germans in World War II and was subsequently captured by the U.S. Navy in 1944.

It's amazing how they got that massive ship into the museum in the first place!

Afterwards, hopped back to the Metra train station, to take me back downtown...

It's actually a very nice commuter train...

No trip to Chicago is complete without famous deep dish pizza and Gino's East is the best!

Inside Gino's East

Best Chicago-style pizza in the history of the world, the Meaty Legend...

After I was done, hopped aboard the L train to take me to U.S. Cellular Field…

U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox, located in Chicago's near south side

These pictures don't do justice at how massive the ball park is...

Chicago skyline from the ball park ramp way...

Main concourse...

Inside the ball park...

Press boxes...

Fireworks before the start of the game…

Chicago skyline, through the trees at night...

The ball park at night...

Afterwards, took the red line back downtown...

Normally, White Sox and U.S. Cellular Field patrons would take the Red Line Sox-35th station to get back downtown, however the Red Line was undergoing a major rehabilitation, so the Red Line was redirected to the Green Line's tracks and got aboard at 35th-Bronzeville-IIT, which is only a couple of blocks over...

35th-Bronzeville-IIT CTA station

The train arrives...


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What a gorgeous city, what a fantastic architecture, what a beautiful pictures... :)

Love them all, thanks for sharing my friend. :eek:kay:

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Thanks, Benonie, and thanks everyone for the comments! Chicago is an architecture and city lover's paradise! :D

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Chicago looks fab - and a very friendly population I understand
They're very friendly and polite, too, openlyJane! I would say that's usually the case with the entire Midwest U.S., including Chicago. Midwestern U.S. people, greatest people in the world. The first time I came to Chicago, I was amazed at how polite and friendly the people of Chicago are!

Speaking of Liverpool, I actually met three very nice ladies visiting the city from Liverpool! We went on a bicycle tour of the lakefront, I'll be posting those pics in a bit!

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Here's part two of my second day in Chicago in the summer of 2013!

Featured here are night shots from mainly around the Chicago River, Wacker Drive, Michigan Avenue, and parts of River East and River North.

I did not use a tripod for any of these pictures, but they amazingly turned out good after tinkering without the camera settings. I took all these pictures after the Tigers/White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field.

Here we go!

Found myself on State Street…

After getting off at Lake station on CTA Red Line State Street subway, encountered the landmark Chicago Theater…

Marina City

River North

IBM Tower

Jewelers' Building and 1 East Wacker Drive

Chicago River

Trump International Tower

Wrigley Building and Tribune Tower from the Chicago Riverwalk

Great shots of the Wrigley Building with the Trump Tower behind…

Looking north on Michigan Avenue towards the Intercontinental Hotel and in the distance, you'll see the John Hancock Building down to the left...

Views of the Chicago River cityscape from the Michigan Avenue bridge

Aon Center and Two Prudential Plaza

Looking up at Two Prudential Plaza

Looking up at Aon Center

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Building

Looking up @ Aqua

Radisson Blu Aqua Entrance

My room at night...

View from my room @ night...

This is the life, eating leftover deep dish Gino's East Meaty Legend pizza while watching WGN-TV in the greatest around, Chicago!

Hope you all enjoyed this part!

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:eek:mg:..I only saw the first and last part of your thread because I had too make a comment. Target, Macys, and The Hard Rock sure have some big shoes to fill, but what a good fit for some old sneakers/bones....And your hotel and room are quiet fitting as well, good/great for you..:banana::nuts::hmm::applause::banana2::cheer::love::apple:

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Here's pictures from the third day of my summer trip to the Windy City. This section consists of pictures from Navy Pier and from a bike ride I took along Lake Michigan into Lincoln Park and back, and then the second Tigers/White Sox game @ U.S. Cellular Field.

Walking over the Chicago river...

River East

Entrance to Navy Pier, said to be the most popular tourist attraction in all of the Midwestern United States. It's like a fair/amusement park.

Bob Newhart statue, unveiled by TV Land a few years ago in honour of "The Bob Newhart Show", which took place in Chicago.

Lake Point Tower

Chicago Children's Museum

Pictures from in around Navy Pier before the crowds

Looking towards Lake Michigan...

Lake Michigan

The Chicago Loop from Navy Pier

Bike and Roll Chicago @ Navy Pier

My weapon of choice...

Getting ready for our trip, with some very nice ladies visiting from Liverpool, England, and Justin, our tour guide.

The Lake was very choppy and it was brisk wind today, but made the ride a lot cooler!

Now in Lincoln Park… just on the edge of the Gold Coast

Abraham Lincoln statue

Lincoln Park Conservatory

Lincoln Park Zoo

This seal finally stuck its nose out of the water...

The Lion was sleeping in...

The Jaguars were out, but the Tigers weren't

It seems to want to do a fashion show and walk for us...

Further along, encountered the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, a U.S. National Landmark, a prairie-school (made famous by FLW) landscape architecture project designed by Alfred Caldwell. It was made in 1889.

Heading back towards Navy Pier...


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Wonderful pics! I went to Chicago this past summer for 3 days and was hooked!! If you're still there stroll up the Magnificent Mile and chill by the beach in Lake Michigan. There's fireworks at 8pm every Thursday also. And don't miss the Museum Campus and Buckingham Fountain at night! Wow is all I can say.

Btw: what camera do you use? I'm on the market to buy a new one and I like the quality of your camera's pics.

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Hey, Manitopiaaa, the camera is used is a Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR, and I absolutely LOVE it! I got it at a good price, too!

Chicago seems to have it all!

I assume that the sandy beaches are man-made?
The beaches are indeed man-made, openlyJane, but have been around for a long time.

Thanks, everyone, for the great comments!

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Awesome! I'll check it out, thanks
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